Even though we’re already at the tail end of 2019, the battle for smartphone market share is seeing no signs of slowing down. According to IDC’s recently published Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Huawei performed well despite the Google ban, keeping its second place in global shipment quantity with shipments up 28.2 per cent compared to the previous period. While the company is enjoying great success in the premium market and a considerable lead in 5G technology, Huawei is still keen to expand its presence in the light flagship device market.
The Chinese tech giant recently launched its newest light flagship device, the HUAWEI Y9s, in Ghana. Taking design cues from its premium flagship devices, Huawei made the HUAWEI Y9s an incredibly compelling device. The GMS-enabled HUAWEI Y9s features the build quality and aesthetics that are comparable to its more premium counterparts. Powerful hardware such as the AI Triple Camera is the cherry on top. From the sharper looks, powerful performance to the friendly price tag, everything points toward the HUAWEI Y9s being one of the most coveted pieces of hardware to arrive in this half of the year. 

Design cues taken from flagship devices: Breathing Crystal, the most unique gradient

What is the one thing that makes designers from luxury brands such as Chanel fall head and heels over? Gradient design. Looking back to our recent past – from illustrations to catwalk showpieces, every named brand in existence has implemented the gradient in some form or other. And even when the gradient is used on tech products, its captivating charm is not lost.

y9s photo taken
A glittering dress with a blue gradient, part of Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. Source: Internet

The Breathing Crystal variant of the HUAWEI Y9s looks incredibly fashionable. The blue colour on the top of the rear cover transitions seamlessly into purple as it goes toward the bottom. The inspiration behind this design came from salt flats. In fact, the HUAWEI P30 Series launched earlier this year was also available in Breathing Crystal, and the variant was loved by both critics and consumers alike. The use of Breathing Crystal on the HUAWEI Stark Plus clearly shows Huawei’s commitment to building quality light flagship products. 

Design cues taken from flagship devices: Classy glass

By itself, the gradient design isn’t enough to make the HUAWEI Y9s stand out from others. So, unlike other devices within its price range that use a plastic or metallic back cover, the HUAWEI Y9s features a glass cover – something that manufacturers typically put on more premium devices. The elegance this instils on the device immediately recognisable. The 3D Arc design also contributes to a better grip, so even those endowed with smaller hands can easily and comfortably hold the device.
The Breathing Crystal variant of the HUAWEI Y9s was created with a 21-step glass finishing process, six more steps compared with the classic Midnight Black colourway. The nano texture on the Breathing Crystal variant bends light differently depending on the angle of incidence, creating a bluish-purple hue that is almost as captivating as the mesmerising salt flats around the world.
All in all, the new HUAWEI Y9s, with its stylish industrial design and robust specs, certainly is one of the more attractive choices within the 1499 price range. Consider purchasing one for yourself today.

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