Petite ladies are the pretty little ones who move about gracefully with their shortness. If you did not know, there are advantages to having one as a partner, because they are mostly beautiful, delicately small and super sexy. Date a petite girl:
1. You are bigger: Being around a petite lady makes you appear bigger even when you are not too tall. It also makes guys feel more masculine, especially when she is unable to get to the top of the fridge, or wardrobe and you just step in to save the day.
2. Hot legs: Lots of petite girls have hot legs which are even more obvious when they rock heels or stilettos. Their legs are extremely attractive for whoever is willing to date them.
3. They are energetic and full of life: Petite ladies are mostly agile and fast in movement. There rarely move about slowly or lazily. One would think their agility is meant to replace their limited height.
4. She looks cute even when angry: Most times, these ladies look totally beautiful even when they are angry. Imagine you both quarreling and she attempts to slap you mildly but she cannot reach your face, both of you will definitely find that hilarious.
5. More femininity: Research has proven that shorter ladies have more estrogen than taller ones, which makes them more feminine than big girls. Scientists also say petite ladies tend to be more motherly than other girls.

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