JBKlutse’s Guide: Data Options On Vodafone

Data options vodafone

The internet has become an indispensable aspect of our lives. Checking up on our friends, doing some research for both academic and business purposes, streaming videos and downloading stuff online has become an everyday thing.

Getting access to the internet and paying for its service is very crucial. In view of this, I have sampled Data options on Vodafone for you to get a clear idea of which payment plan will best suite your pocket if you are a Vodafone User.

Depending on your data needs and your pocket, these are the Data Options you can go for as far as Vodafone is concerned.

Daily Packages

Bundle Name Price (GHc)  Volume  Validity  (Days) Codes
Starter Daily 0.5 20MB 1 *700*65#
Chat Daily 1.5 80MB 1 *700*24#
Browser Max Daily 3 200MB 1 *700*28#
Browser Lite Daily 5 450MB 1 *700*56#
Downloader Lite Daily 10 1GB 1 *700*57#


Weekly Package

Bundle Name Price (GHc)  Volume  Validity  (Days) Codes
Starter Weekly 2 100MB 7 *700*27#
Browser Weekly 6 350MB 7 *700*30#
Downloader Lite Weekly 12 1GB 7 *700*31#
Streamer Max Weekly 20 2GB 7 *700*59#
Browser Max Weekly 30 3.5GB 7 *700*60#


Monthly Package

Bundle Name Price (GHc)  Volume  Validity  (Days) Codes
Starter Monthly 10 450MB 30 *700*32#
Chat Monthly 20 1.2GB 30 *700*34#
Browser 40 2.6GB 30 *700*37#
Downloader Mini 60 4.3GB 30 *700*38#
Streamer Max 100 7.5GB 45 *700*40#


Super Sunday

You can get a Super Sunday package by typing *700*5#. You will pay GHC2 for 150 MB. It lasts for one day.


Hour Bundles


Bundle Name Price (GHc)  Volume  Validity  (Days) Codes
Chat  Hour 2 300MB 1 Hour *700*50#
Streamer Hour 5 800MB 1 Hour *700*51#
Downloader Hour 10 2GB 1 Hour *700*52#


1+1 Bundles

1+1 data bundles allow Vodafone customers to top up their primary and secondary internet devices, using a single bundle. They can also top up for themselves and a friend/family member, with a single bundle purchase. 1+1 is the internet package that will deliver convenience and effortless management of multiple internet devices, because it allows you to share a single bundle between them

Bundle Name Price (GHc) Primary Volume (MB) Secondary Volume (MB) USSD Code
1+1 Daily 5 300 150 *700*61#
1+1 Weekly 15 800 400 *700*62#
1+1 Monthly 1 20 1024 500 *700*63#
1+1 Monthly 2 40 2048 1024 *700*64#



Lifestyle Bundles offer real value to customers. Vodafone have carefully selected WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wikipedia in addition to the standard data allowance this bundle offers you.


Name Price Volume


Social Bucket Cap Validity


Lifestyle Daily 2 80MB 70 1 *700*42#
Lifestyle Weekly 8 400MB 300 7 *700*43#
Lifestyle Monthly 20 1.5GB 700 30 *700*44#


Jumbo Packages

With Jumbo bundles, users are able to get a large volume of data to stay online in the entire month, without having to worry about re-purchasing or even running out before the end of the month.


Bundle Name Price (GHc)  Volume  Validity  (Days) Codes
Jumbo Browser 150 10GB 30 *700*45#
Jumbo Streamer 250 20GB 30 *700*48#


To enjoy social media bundles, data bundles and free calls all in one, check out Vodafone X Packages

Did you find this article helpful? Is there any Vodafone Data option I’ve left out? Don’t forget to leave a comment.


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