Often, when we’re out in town minding our business, we may have to settle for publicly shared networks and sometimes devices at Internet cafés when the need arises. This is dangerous as there is always the possibility of a previous user installing a keylogger — just so they can be able to access your login details and steal your data.

Publicly shared networks on their own are not so much of a danger, however, since most cybercriminals use them to stage attacks, it is in your best interest to avoid their use, or in the event that you have no choice, you’d need to use your secure and trusted personal computer on such networks.

This article highlights four reasons why using your own device is a sure way to prevent cyber threats when connected to publicly shared networks.

Why do you need your own PC on publicly shared networks?

1. Your Data is Safe With You

When surfing the web with your own device, you remain in control of whatever is being done on your computer. In the event that you forget to close any tabs, the risk of having your session taken over by another is minimal, if not non-existent, because your security setup should be enough to prevent any external intrusions.

Also, you wouldn’t need to worry about leaving any important documents in the public domain as everything would be stored on your personal device’s hard drive.

2. There is Less Risk of Cyber Monitoring

As noted earlier, there is always the risk of falling victim to keyloggers on public devices connected to publicly shared networks. Having your own device while using such networks will save you from potential traps — if any previous users have the intention to monitor your activities online in order to retrieve personal information such as email and bank account details.

Utilizing settings such as cookies and ad block blocking with your own device will ensure your protection from such traps.

Also, the risk of suffering malware attacks is minimized when the device you’re working on while connected to a public network is your own computer.

In summary…

Not only is it safer to have your own computer whenever you need to access the web using a publicly shared network, but it is also in your best interest to do so since public networks and computers can be accessed by just about anybody with motives best known to themselves. Remember, always, to visit internet cafes and the like with your own laptop.

Stay safe while using the internet.

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