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Customized Wedding Dresse
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Lunss has specialized in customized wedding dresses since 2010 and is excited to sew not just your wedding gown but the wedding dresses of the bride’s maids and flower girls as well.

You don’t need to have a very expensive budget to get that classy and elegant look.

Lunss understands that anyone deserves to have great clothes for that special occasion and so clothes are made at an affordable price.  These are customized to your specifications right down to fabric, colour, style and body measurements.

Design your own wedding dress or go through Lunss’ gallery of dresses to choose your style. Even make some modifications, Lunss will deliver to expectations.

Speak to a designer every step of the way and get a photo confirmation of your dress before shipping.

Wedding dresses are made with top-quality fabric suitable for your chosen style.

wedding dress

Pick a wedding dress from the Lunss Gallery ranging from Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) to Five Thousand Dollars ($5000.00)

Lunss is always ready to work within your budget.

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