On the 14th of March, Apple officially closed all its stores outside of China over coronavirus concerns but it remained open for 2 days after that for customers to pick up iPhones or other devices that had been dropped for repairs.
Apple attempted to contact customers with devices being repaired at Apple Stores via phone and email and a lot of owners came to pick their devices. However, for whoever is yet to pick up his or her device before the 2-day re-opening expired, it is now impossible to get it until Apple Stores re-open, a spokesperson recently revealed.
For customers with devices at Apple repair centers, Apple is getting in touch with them to return it, but not via the regular route of having them shipped to an Apple Store for pickup.
The spokesperson said, “We made every possible attempt to get people’s products back to them. But there certainly are people that, for whatever reason, did not pick up their products before we closed and their products are at our stores, it is now impossible to do that till the stores re-open.”

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