The implementation of AI in business operations is growing exponentially. Artificial Intelligence has become an essential tool in the help desk system. Popular customer support software like AI-enhanced customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platform (CDP) are increasingly being adopted in the help desk systems to provide customized and personalized customer support.
Automation, data analytics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the three main AI tools. Customer service agents can use artificial intelligence customer experience tools to enhance productivity and improve customer engagement. Chatbots, with a user-friendly interface, can be deployed by companies to provide 24/7 assistance. As per the studies, 80% of sales and marketing leaders say they are currently using or plan to deploy chatbots shortly.
A better customer experience (CX) can improve customer loyalty, hence widening the customer base. Leveraging customer support with AI can help the company to enhance its brand image. Here are 5 Steps to Improve Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence.

Formulate the customer experience strategy

Before you integrate the AI solution, you need to develop a customer experience strategy that pertains to your organization’s working environment. If you are already working on a particular vision, you can update it to cater to your present business needs.
Your business’s administrative team needs to come together to formulate a strategy before implementing the AI tools. You need to gather and analyze the customers’ social, cultural, historical, and behavioural data patterns to integrate the AI tool in the desired milieu rightly. Each unit of your organization, ranging from sales to customer service and marketing, must comprehensively analyze what AI tools they need to deliver better customer support.

Map And Analyze Customer Journeys

Understanding your customer’s experience is not an easy task. Customer journey mapping will give you a real insight into what your customers want and help you analyze the sections of your product, brand, or process that aren’t delivering positive and scalable impacts.
Customer journey maps help the companies to gain valuable information about their customer base to understand common customer pain points– from discovery, presales, sales, customer service, and beyond. Customer journey maps should be actionable, measurable, and dynamic. It will help understand the interaction between the customers and the brand and lays down the foundation for AI implementation.

Familiarize yourself with AI solution(s) suitable for understanding customers faster and more efficiently

Look into your company’s existing database and analyze your current CX tools and customer support service’s efficiency. Also, look into other areas like the sales reps, social media, Net Promoter Scores, and Customer Effort Scores. A comprehensive analysis of this data can indicate your current standards of customer service.
However, this data may fail to provide real-time customer insight. The use of AI to categorize, organize, and analyze customer data in real-time can improve your working process’s efficiency.


Decide Whether To Build Or Buy

You can either buy off-the-shelf AI or build your AI-based business solutions. “Out of the box” AI business solutions, AI business “Platforms”, and AI, technical environments & toolsets are the three types of off-the-shelf solutions.
However, many companies are also building an in-house AI solution for the ultimate competitive advantage. If your team members have the requisite talent, you should consider creating a CX/AI solution. It helps you to deliver a personalized solution that will rightly fit into your business platform. When buying a solution, you should carefully consider the terms and conditions of the solution and if it is compatible with your working environment.

Track And Measure Success

After you deploy the AI solution, measure if the tools are working appropriately. Find out the right metrics and key performance indicators to track an AI/CX initiative’s application and performance. The application of AI in customer experience mostly requires three fundamental capabilities, i.e., Data Unification, Real-time Insights Delivery, and Business Context.
AI and machine learning algorithms can also be used for smart email content curation. It can look into subscriber’s browsing data and website experience to undertake their data patterns. AI algorithm detects the hyper-relevant content and uses the targeted content to create a personalized email.
AI chatbots can be used for invoice management, order tracking, and account management in real-time. Data analytics tool of AI can be used to learn about the communications between customers and a particular brand to understand the customer’s geo-specific events and behavioural purchase trends. Your AI solution should be able to augment the potential of your customer support service team.

To Conclude:

Using AI for customer service can scale up your business. However, you need to develop a roadmap for AI implementation before you integrate it into customer service. This will help to increase the overall sales and business profitability of your business in the long run.
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