Cryptocurrency exchangers and exchanges: Principle of operation, main differences

Cryptocurrency exchangers are very popular among digital money network users. This is because not everywhere can you pay with bitcoin, ether, or other crypto coins; however, you can purchase any product or service with them after exchanging them for fiat (traditional money). In this article, we will talk about the features of working with exchangers.

An exchanger is a specialized service that provides services for exchanging funds of various payment systems (including digital currencies in all directions). Each service charges a commission and sets its cryptocurrency exchange rates (based on stock exchanges).

Overview of cryptocurrency exchangers and how they operate

Each cryptocurrency exchange works according to the following principle – two accounts are involved in the exchange: the contractor and the customer. The client transfers a particular amount in one currency to the contractor’s account, after which the contractor assigns the converted equivalent in another currency to the client’s account.

The main tasks of the owners of modern exchangers are high speed, security of exchange operations, and the most simplified use of their services by customers. Thus, most exchangers permit to deposit/withdraw cryptocurrency in only several clicks.

Cryptocurrency exchangers and exchanges: main differences

Most often, cryptocurrency exchangers are explicitly used for quick exchange of busd vs usdt or cashing out of digital money. You can enter the market through cryptocurrency exchanges, where you can make a versatile exchange at favorable rates. Unlike exchangers, on the exchange, the user’s funds are credited to a personal account, and it takes much longer to withdraw them.

Registration is required to create an account and operate on a cryptocurrency exchange. It is not required to register on the sites of exchangers, and it is enough to show some data about yourself when converting (e-mail, in some cases, you will need a phone number and full name). Registration on the exchanger’s website still gives some advantages – participation in the loyalty program (all exchanges are summed up and bonuses are provided) and the referral system (if any).

The order of transactions in the online cryptocurrency exchanger

The exchange procedure itself is similar for all exchangers:

  • on the website of the exchanger, select the direction of the exchange;
  • in the “give” field, the amount to be given is entered – in the “receive” field, we can immediately see the amount that will be transferred in the selected currency to the account based on the results of the exchange;
  • the required amount for payment will be displayed in the “give” field;
  • then you need to fill out a form where you should specify personal data (necessarily valid to prevent fraud and monitor the status of the transaction), including the number of the account to which the payment is ordered;

Using the exchanger’s functionality, we transfer funds to the contractor’s account and wait for the receipt of the desired currency to our account – the time of execution of the application is prescribed in the service regulations.

For the exchange of Cardano vs Polygon to be successful, you must never lose vigilance.  It would be best if you made an exchange only on trusted platforms, for example, Godex.

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