WhatsApp users must have noticed an addition to the list of items on <Attach> as well as a new icon on the call tab — the Messenger room feature, which allows users to create Messenger rooms with just a tap easily.
Let us take a look at how you can create rooms on WhatsApp on your Android, iPhone or desktop.
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Create rooms on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Move to the Calls tab
  • Tap on the Rooms icon at the lower right corner of your screen [just above the call icon]
  • Tap on the Create Room icon

Alternatively, if you want to open the Rooms via an individual chat or group chat window:

  • Open the chat or group chat
  • Tap on Attach
  • Tap on the Create Room icon

NOTE: Because the Rooms are created on Messenger, you will be prompted to continue in Messenger, which means that you will be taken out of WhatsApp to the messenger app or the messenger website on your browser.
However, to create a Room on the WhatsApp web or WhatsApp Desktop app, the process is slightly different.

Create rooms on WhatsApp with Whatsapp web or Whatsapp desktop app

  • Click on Menu, dropdown menu or the three dots icon above the chats list.
  • Select Create a Room, which takes you to the Messenger website on your browser.

Alternatively, you can also use the Attach feature to create room in an individual or group chat just as on android and iPhone.
After launching the Messenger app, type the name of the room you want to create and invite your WhatsApp contacts to join the room afterwards, by sending them a link. Your invited people would have to tap on the link, which will take them to the Messenger app or website before they can join your room.
It’s time to have that excellent video discussion with Whatsapp Messenger rooms.
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