In this era of viral video content creation, video editing can be an expensive and time consuming venture. Fortunately, for people who have neither the budget nor time for major editing software, there are a number of video editing apps that make it easy to splice photos together and quickly create video clips.

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is perfect for those who want the option of a more full featured video editor. Featuring an automatic video creation tool which allows users to choose a soundtrack (stock or custom upload) as well as set the pace for the video. Premiere Clip will then set your photos to the beat of the music. The app also has social media integration so you can easily share your creations online.

2. Google Photos

Most smartphone users already know about or use Google Photos ( for both Android and iOS). Coupled with its free unlimited storage, Google Photos has a great photo management interface. Aside those great perks, Google Photos can create slideshows and animations from your pictures using data such as location– automatically.
You can design your slideshow around themes such as “Mother’s Day”, and “Selfie” etc., and the app would even give your videos a backing soundtrack.

3. Quik

As the name suggests, GoPro’s Quik — which works for both Android and iOS, helps you quickly create impressive video clips. All that a user would need to do is to select the photos and videos they want to base their creation on. Quik automatically analyses footage captured with (a) GoPro camera(s) for smiles, faces, cheering, speed and such reactions to be highlighted in the video.
As an alternative, for footage captured by any device (eg. phone or DSLR) other than a GoPro, users have to manually select the moments they’d want highlighted in the video.
video edit quik
In addition to being able to apply filters, overlay text, and stickers to footage, Quik has a library of 100 songs you can use in a soundtrack for your project. You can make custom uploads as well. And this app does feature social media integration for easy sharing.

4. Storyo

While Storyo, just like the other apps on the list automatically creates beautiful slideshows from your pictures and video clips, what makes it stand out is that it analyzes your footage and identifies their time-stamps and location tags. Storyo automatically searches your photos and based on the metadata, create beautiful slideshows and video collages revolving around specific times and places.
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If you travel and want to create something eye catching and impressive, Storyo (AndroidiOS) might be what you’re looking for.

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