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As the coronavirus takes over the world, lots of people have been saying goodbye to lovemaking and embracing social distancing. And as you already know, love and social distancing cannot go together. Breaking down what this current reality means for romance in Nigeria, Here’s how coronavirus will affect Nigerian love relationships:

1. Physical touch will become very tricky: Since almost everyone is wearing masks, how do couples kiss nowadays? Will it be possible to dazzle her with your finger magic when you have gloves on? Doctors even warn us to not touch our faces anyhow or poke our noses to avoid the virus, so how do we make contact with the opposite gender? Well, I guess love will have to conquer fear, right?

2. Sexting will thrive: The fearful ones and the ones that do not joke with their dear lives will definitely resort to sexting. Especially the fornicators who are not completely sure of who they are with since they meet different people on a regular basis.

3. Long-distance relationships are unbothered: While those who see each other regularly are complaining about the virus, those in long-distance relationships are far from concerned. How can the deadly virus affect you when you last saw your lover months or years ago? We are happy for them.

4. Cancellation of booty calls: Fornicators and adulterers, it is time to say goodbye to your plans for the weekend, and the next, and the one after that. You will be going ahead at your own risk during this social distancing period.

5. Dating a student or someone living with his or her parents will become a chore:
With everywhere on lock, there will be guys or girls who are still under control and will have to remain indoors throughout. Therefore, it will be hard to enjoy a relationship with anyone like that right now. Those that stay alone or pay rent all by themselves are fine though.


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