With proper care and due diligence, your kids can be safe from the deadly coronavirus. Everyone is talking about staying at home, but despite that, the safety of your young ones depends entirely on you. Let us show you ways to keep coronavirus away from kids:
1. Make them stay at home: This is not the time for playdates. This is also not the time to allow them to play outside the house. If they must leave the house, make sure they are under your supervision and it should not be for a long time. However, the best thing is to keep them at home.
2. Chill on your screen time rules: Since they will be at home for now and things could get really boring, allow them to keep themselves occupied with TV. This is not the time to deprive them of movies, play video games and so on.
3. No visitors: The rule is social distancing, so avoid visitors. As you stay in your house, everyone else should do the same. When the pandemic over, everything can go back to normal.
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4. Control the number of people who can come close: Dealing with kids can be hard and tiring, which is why some parents get overwhelmed at times. However, you cannot get tired now because you have to make sure only trusted family members and house helps are allowed around the house. You must also make sure these family members and helps are not exposed to the virus in any way.
5. Clean home surfaces: This is very key and your time must be invested in making it happen on a regular basis.

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