Work comes with pressure and pressure leads to stress. And it will always be up to you to cope so you can remain productive at your place of work. Let’s help you by showing you how to cope with stress at work:
1. Monitor your stressors: You have to jot down the precise situations that trigger your feeling stressed and how you respond to them. By so doing, you will notice patterns among your stressors and improve your reaction.
2. Establish boundaries: According to, during this digital era, you can easily feel pressured to work 24 hours a day. However, this does not have to be the case when you set boundaries to help you. The boundaries could come in the form of a decision to not check your email after work hours, or making up your mind to not pick a business call after leaving the office.
3. Recharge: To not feel completely drained or burnt out, you have to replenish the energy you lose while you work. Relaxation, vacation, winding e.t.c can help with this. After the time out, you will be able to work better.

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4. Speak to your supervisor: Your health has a direct effect on how productive you can be at work, so you should reach out to your supervisor to discuss how to manage any stressors you’ve identified so you can be more efficient while you do your job.
5. Seek support: Assistance from trusted friends and family members can also help with the stress you are experiencing. If possible, reach out to a psychologist who has the required experience to help.
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