The above saying by J.K Rowling fits apt in the digital marketing space. Digital marketers create several landing pages to promote their products and services. Without a great landing page, an advertising campaign seems incomplete.
But creating an effective landing page with a high conversion rate is a challenging task.
Let us know more about landing pages and their significance in SEO.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any webpage where you drive visitors to start a conversation and convince them to perform some action and close a deal. It is created for a specific marketing campaign.
Visitors usually end up on the landing page after clicking a search ad, a social media ad, a YouTube ad, or an email link. The only purpose of a landing page is to persuade visitors to take a specific action and convert them into leads.
People often get confused between a landing page and a home page of a website. A landing page is usually part of the marketing plan; You can create a new landing page every time you start a new marketing campaign. On the contrary, your website’s home page is the page that any user who comes to your website first sees.

The average conversion rate of a landing page

Studies suggest that the average conversion rate of a landing page is 2.35%. Therefore, you must work on its design carefully to make it highly effective to increase the conversion rate of the landing page.

Importance of effective landing pages

  • Promote a positive first impression

Landing pages are the first impression potential customers get from you. An effective landing page promotes a positive first impression.

  • Increase conversion rate

It is easier to capture email leads from a well-designed landing page than a blog or a site. So the landing pages have a higher conversion rate than blogs or sites.

  • Getting SEO ranking

Landing pages are created to target specific search items. They are also promoted using ads and other paid methods. This helps in moving the landing page up in the Google search rankings.

  • Promoting an upcoming product or sale

Many businesses launch landing pages to promote their upcoming products or sales. It also allows you to isolate and track a particular product’s success, goal, or set of keywords.
So, now you might have understood the significance of a landing page.
Moving on, a landing page can differ and include different elements for different marketing campaigns.

Here are 6 essential elements you must include in your landing page to get a high conversion rate.

1. Catchy Headlines

The headline is the most crucial element of a landing page. It is the very first thing visitors will see on your landing page. So, it should be able to engage and hook users’ attention. By reading the headline, the users must know immediately that there is value in reading and viewing the content on the page.

Some features of a catchy headline:

  • Clear and concise

Simple and informative headlines are important. People don’t like complicated things. So, keep it simple and let your offers do the talking to retain and convert your visitors.

  • It should grab users attention immediately

It is natural for people to select a book or a pen by looking at its cover. The title of the landing page must be as such as it attracts the attention of customers. A fresh and innovative headline can help you increase the conversion rate or visitor retention.

  • Its message should resonate with the audience

The headline must resonate with the message you want to give the audience on the landing page. Your message can quickly summarize the solution or product you are offering to the visitors.

2. Unique selling proposition (USP)

On the landing page, you need to define the points of how you are different from others. What is the USP of your products or services? All this should be communicated on your landing page in a very clear and concise way.
You can also describe the specific benefit you are going to provide to your customers. A good USP makes their customers understand why they should waste their time and money to buy your products and services.

3. Short and effective copy

Keep your copy short and effective. It must be actionable. You can highlight the main features of your product in the copy. A well-crafted and high-converting landing page copy should evoke emotion. You can explain what the customers will feel after buying your products or services and how their life will become easier. The copy must cover all the benefits the customers will enjoy after buying your products.
The copy must give a clear message to the audience. A compelling copy can persuade your potential customers to buy your products.

4. Visual elements

It is an old saying that a picture says a thousand words more than a text. People become more attracted to visuals like pictures and videos. A landing page with just text is unappealing. Using graphical and visual elements helps in better ranking and conversion.
You can use explainer videos. They give the information to potential clients in the most attractive and easier forms. Videos on the landing page increase the conversion by 86%.
Use high-quality pictures that are relevant to your product or services. If you are selling a physical product, you must include images of the products. If you are selling a service, then you can use images showing the utility of your services.

5. Social proof or user reviews

Adding social proofs is very important as they can persuade visitors to buy your products or services. Studies have shown that social proof helps convince people to take the desired action and increase conversion.
According to Unbounce, edX’s landing page got 52.8% of conversion rate by adding social proof and making the copy as simple as possible.
So, you must include these social proofs on your landing page. You can also include these social proofs along with the image of the customers.

6. A strong call to action

You have created a landing page to get high conversions. So the critical element of a landing page is a strong call to action. A simple yet relevant call to action instantly persuades visitors to click on it. Therefore it must be compelling, exciting, and persuasive. Some examples are ‘learn more, or ‘let’s get started.
The characteristics of a persuasive call to action are:

  • It must be visible – a customer should not have to look around to know what to do next.
  • Dominant and distinct – CTAs must be distinct, both in color and font. You can also add buttons in CTAs.
  • Persuasive – CTAs need to be persuasive. They should create urgency like ‘50% off today’ only or ‘only while stock lasts’.
  • Less is always better – most of the high conversion landing pages have just one call to action.
  • Unique – the generic words like ‘click here’ are not persuasive. Instead, you should use unique words in CTAs like for dental clinics you can write ‘Get a better smile’.

The Final Words

If you are not taking any measures to improve your landing page, you are making a huge mistake. An impressive landing page will help you increase the revenue. The above components are essential for designing an effective landing page. You must continuously test and improve your landing page elements to optimize them and increase conversions.

Author Bio: Eshan Cheema, CEO of Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a strategist that has formulated and perfected the nuances of the digital marketing world. Running his company for the last eight years, he has helped many businesses to grow from the grassroots level. He believes that all it takes is that knack to take new challenges in one’s stride and build strategies that would yield the intended results. With ample experience, he has been guiding the young entrepreneurs in the field to date.

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