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The Andaman Islands, one of the best tourist spots in India, attract millions of people across the world throughout the year. There are many attractions for you in this island state, and it is noted not just for its rich biodiversity but also the number of unique act ivies that you can indulge in here. It is a place you cannot tour in a few days and must plan an extended holiday for undertaking this trip. Here we are going to give you an overview of the various things for which you must try in Andaman when you are on an Andaman tour package.

Taste some of the best food

The seafood and the local cuisines are delicious, and this is another primary reason to visit the Andaman. If you are a foodie and you love to travel you would surely feel Andaman is a treasure house for you. There are different tours packages for you to indulge in which even allow you special complimentary food to try out the unique dishes of this island state. The seafood available here is the best that you can get and hence it is a paradise for nonvegetarian food lovers. Even vegetarians would find delicious platters for themselves here as many reputed restaurants are noted for their specialities in local cuisines.

Get a suitable Andaman tour package to see a variety of attractions

The island state has many activities and attractions which are unique, and you can easily indulge in them. There are different types of water sports, and you can easily opt for any of them as you travel around between the various islands of Andaman. There are sports like snorkelling, glass boat ride, banana boat rowing, and scuba diving to name a few. There are different places of historical importance as well within the islands, and the place has a rich history. You can even get a view of the barren island which is the only active volcano in India currently.

Experience the beauty of the natural ambience

The ambience is beautiful is an understatement. The clear sea water which lets you see through, the various hidden beaches, calm and serene atmosphere, the rich flora and fauna altogether make this place a perfect and balance biodiversity which you can experience. If you love a peaceful and quiet holiday by the sea, Andaman can offer you all that you need. There are different types of water sports, but the overall ambience is the main reason for which millions of people prefer to visit Andaman at least once in their lifetime.

You can get affordable tour packages to Andaman and Nicobar Island, and there are different types of activities as well here. It can be concluded that the Andaman Islands have all kinds of attraction for you, and if you are looking for an adventurous tour plan, then this is one place you must have in your wish list. You can easily get all arrangements for the tour done through travel agents.

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