Having your own business, especially one with your own establishment and property, can be quite challenging to maintain. Not only do you have to make sure you can provide and sustain the provision of your services, but you need to be able to provide ample satisfaction to your customers and target market. For instance, establishments and businesses such as restaurants and diners, hotels, casinos and motels, can benefit greatly from having a valet. However, improvements in technology do pave way for advancements in other services, such as computerized valet parking systems – and the pros and cons of this technology can be an asset or inconvenience depending on your needs. This article will explain just that, in order to help you decide whether or not a computerized valet parking system is good for your business.

On Consumer Satisfaction: What Are Trends To Expect?

Everyone appears to be familiar with the valet, as they take the pain of consumers who have to circle around establishments in order to park their cars. Today, modern versions of valet parking include various technological trends that may improve customer satisfaction, which services such as CVPS.solutions use to enhance the customer experience. Trends to be expected include:
Player cards, which are sometimes integrated with incentive cards and points that are used by high-end casinos and hotels. These cards are similar to hotel room keys, where the cards and the valet system are synced together – syncing driver and car. When customers near the valet area go to leave, the valet system is notified beforehand, so the car will already be there for pickup without delay.
VIP window stickers, which are special stickers with RFID chips that significantly reduce retrieval times as valet just need to scan windshields when you pull up the stands.
Smartphone applications, which are slowly being adopted by a lot of parking companies. These apps help establishments get notified if a particular driver is ready to get their car.
SMS valet systems, which like smartphone applications allow users to notify valet systems if they’re ready to leave. Unlike the apps though SMS valet doesn’t need an application to work.

Computerized Valet Parking Systems: The Pros And Cons

With the above, it’s important to understand that while having traditional valet can be a good option for your company, availing computerized valet parking systems does have its perks. Learning about the pros and cons of such a technology, which are outlined below, can help you make the decision if you should make the switch or even adopt this technology:


Computerized valet parking systems take advantage of modern technological advancements, which is a good indication that a lot of services are beginning to adopt more sophisticated ways of making sure customers are comfortable and have convenient ways of being served.

  • Scale can be managed when it comes to computerized valet parking, as your database is now digital in nature. This means the tools needed to build better servers and databases can be easily acquired and implemented.
  • Reliability and robustness are qualities of computerized valet parking that outmatch traditional systems. Given the computerized nature of your valet database, this means data won’t easily be lost or tampered with, and the software will be capable of operating even in peak times.
  • Reusability and maintainability can be guaranteed, as these systems are built with the capacity to be upgraded and updated. While installation may indeed take time and effort, using it, in the long run, can provide a whole host of benefits for you and your company.
  • Compatibility with other applications. If your company relies on other applications and software to conduct operations, you may be able to integrate your valet system into them in order to streamline tracking and observing the progress of your work. This allows you to have a much easier time evaluating the performance of your employees and your business in general.
  • Secure and safe, as computerized valet systems are built to be able to withstand hostile influences and attacks from parties who may want to infiltrate your system. If you buy your valet system with a reputable company, they may be able to give you additional assistance.
  • Comfort and ease of use, which are important elements in making sure customers are always satisfied with your service. Level up your offerings by not just making their stay in your establish something to remember, but by making sure they enter and leave the establishment without hassle. What better way to do this but to make sure your valet system is convenient?


Computerized valet parking systems might have their perks, but they also have their respective disadvantages. Perhaps most recognized is the fact that they’re still relatively new, which means there are still kinks and considerations that are in need of adjustments before full deployment across multiple establishments.

  • Operation issues may be of concern when it comes to computerized valet parking. It’s important to remember that implementing a computerized solution to valet parking can be tricky, especially for the first time. Valets need to enter all information about clients to the system manually in order for this software to work, which can be time-consuming.
  • Revenue control is a concern that also needs to be addressed, especially when shifting to computerized systems. A lot of valet services are cash-based, which means the computerized system you will adopt should be able to have solutions built in to be able to address the way you can control revenue management.
  • Technological concerns should also be addressed, as computers, hardware, and software can be updated extremely fast. You need to be able to adopt and adapt to various changes in hardware and software so your systems could keep up and be able to provide adequate service to your market.
  • Personnel support is also a fundamental aspect of a computerized valet parking, as now you need to make sure you have the necessary support infrastructure built to maintain and upgrade your systems. You need professionals in IT and programming, among others, to be able to make sure your computerized system is maintained properly. 

The Bottomline: Automated And Computerized Valet Can Be Practical, Efficient

Handling a business, especially that which relies on a physical location or an establishment, can be quite the ordeal since you need to consider not just your services in general, but you also need to be able to provide good customer service in order to maintain consumer satisfaction. This is why services such as a valet can be practical for establishments such as restaurants and hotels, motels and diners, and even markets. However, as a business owner, it can be quite challenging assessing the usefulness of a valet service especially with the existence of computerized valet parking systems, and the pros and cons of this technology do prove that it can be practical and efficient. Before availing of such a service, do remember to consider not just your expenses, but if having a computerized valet system can actually improve your operations in the long run.
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