Surfline is one of the top providers of the 4G LTE network in Ghana and its customers seem to enjoy much as it’s always rolling out competitive packages. For those not yet on Surfline and even those using it, we’ve listed here the complete Surfline data plans for you to make the right choice.
For those that do not know, Surfline has recently rolled out Surfline Extra Time to give free data bundles when yours is exhausted in the middle of usage. You should check it out.
Back to the Surfline data plans, there are two main categories: Personal and Business. Under each category, you get various plans. See for yourself.

Surfline data plans for 2019


Hourly Data Plans:

Price – (GHS) Data Volume Validity Rollover
5 1GB 5 hours No
10 1.5GB 24 hours No


Daily Data Plans:

Price – (GHS) Data Volume Validity Rollover
20 3GB 3 days No
30 4.5GB 7 days No
25 2GB 15 days No


Monthly Data Plans:

Price – (GHS) Data Volume Validity Rollover
40 6GB 30 days No
65 8GB 30 days No
95 15GB 30 days No
180 30GB 30 days No
245 45GB 30 days No
315 75GB 45 days Yes
399 100 60 days Yes



Corporate bundles

Data bundles for small, medium and large sized businesses.

Package Name Price – GHS Data Volume Validity Bonus Device Discount Speed
Business Bronze 250 50GB 30 days 5GB 25% Unlimited
Business Silver 400 100GB 30 days 10GB 50% Unlimited
Business Gold 700 200GB 30 days 20GB 75% Unlimited
Business Platinum 1000 Unlimited 30 Days N/A 100% Unlimited

These plans have just one static IP address. And you would have to talk to the company for any of the offers above.
Surfline data plans for 2019

Affinity bundles

Price – (GHS) Data Volume Validity Device
35 5GB 30 days Modem
75 12GB 30 days Wingle or Mifi
140 25GB 30 days Mifi
250 50GB 30 days Router

The packages here require you to talk to the company first.
So there you have it. You can now make the best decision regarding your data usage in the home or work.
Surfline has as well recently expanded to more locations, check to see if your area was included.

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