Complete Farmer expands globally

Complete Farmer, an agritech startup based in Ghana, has now opened up its platform to buyers on the global scale. The company is selling quality agricultural products at competitive prices, directly from the company’s tech-enabled farms.

This agritech company uses technology and a data-driven approach to improve the whole farming or agriculture value chain. That covers from mechanised farming to logistics and transport. This provides its clienteles with traceability and visibility from when they order products to when the goods are delivered.

Complete Farmer is a crowd farming platform that was launched back in 2017. Thus, it has enabled anyone, interested, around the world to become a “crowd farmer”. The crowd farmers can invest in a farm, monitor the activities, and digitally experience the farming process in Africa.

This crowd farming startup, as of now, has crowd farmers from 6 continents. The majority of these crowd farmers are mostly in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

With the new development of opening up the platform for global buyers, an end-to-end B2B commodity sourcing platform will be provided by Complete Farmer. The platform will allow agricultural buyers to operate more efficiently and with less inventory.

It is also going to give them full visibility into every process, that is, from cultivation and planting, and from quality control to transportation and logistics.

Financing from the buyers is not a necessary thing here as the investors (crowd farmers) provide that. There is no need for any working capital. The crowd farmers do all that so all the buyer needs to do is simply do the purchasing.
Usually, the agreed price is paid upfront since that’s all the buyer needs to do.

Complete Farmer has an advantage over other agricultural enterprises in Africa’s agric sector. This is because Complete Farmer leverages a completely data-driven approach to the farming process in Africa. And this is the first time this is happening in Africa.

Complete Farmer expands globally

The co-founder and CEO of Complete Farmer, Desmond Koney, said the team is using proven methods rather than the usual experimental methods used in farming in Africa.

Right now when anyone wants to go into farming in Africa, there isn’t a lot of information available on best practices and how to produce healthy yields. Most methods are based on empirical knowledge but not high-quality data. We’re providing a data-driven way to make farming more scientific rather than an art which it is now,” CEO Koney revealed.

One thing that could be of concern by global buyers would definitely be the transport and logistics. Complete Farmer knowing this could be a major drawback if not taken care of manages it by itself. The agritech startup does this through partnerships with international logistics companies including Truckr and Jetstream Africa, to ensure on-time delivery.

The Complete Farmer platform, right now, supports over 1,500 acres of farmland across 6 regions in Ghana. It has predicted to sell over 2,400 metric tons of farm produce outside of the country this year.

In February this year, it announced that it will expand its operations into Ivory Coast by the fourth quarter this year. This, according to Complete Famer, will enable it “to grow crops that thrive in specific regions of Africa.”

Complete Farmer is quite a young startup, that was founded back in 2017 at the Meltwater Entrepreneur School Incubator. It has the objective of ensuring food security in Ghana. Aside from that goal, it also aims to let the crowd farmers (investors) earn money from farming remotely.

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