min. ursula owusu-ekuful talks about Ghana's Common Platform project

Min. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has revealed that the country is saving more than 1 million dollars each month under the Common Platform Project. This project is meant to monitor the activities of telcos in the country from a common place.

The Minister also disclosed that the platform is expected to save some 66 million dollars at the end of the five-year period contract in operating the platform. She said: “From the gains mentioned above, the platform has provided more value to the state at a lesser amount compared to the previous contracts.”

According to the Minister, the revenue accrued now has justified why the government made such a move to put in place the Common Platform to monitor the activities of telcos. The Minister added that the Common Platform was also to make sure the telcos pay what is due to the state.

Aside from saving the country millions of dollars, the platform offers real-time monitoring of 2.5 billion transactions per day within the telecom sector. These transactions include calls, SMS, Mobile Money transactions, and monitoring as an added component.

The Common Platform project has four main components. They include fraud management, traffic monitoring, revenue assurance, and mobile money monitoring.


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