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New technologies are changing the face of business. To succeed, you need to understand how these innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Data mining, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to improve your performance.

Enterprise Group is one of the biggest business brands in the Ghanaian business industry. Enterprise Group currently has five operating subsidiaries, namely, Enterprise Insurance, Enterprise Life, Enterprise Trustees, Enterprise Properties and Transitions.

The CEO of Enterprise Group, Keli Gadzekpo said during his open speech said for the past two years the IT team has been working to get the best solution for the Group since we pride ourselves through excellence, the Group contacted multiples of IT companies to develop a comprehensive and user-centric mobile and Web apps that can help customers do their business without any human aid but unfortunately this companies couldn’t do the most critical and vital part of the project. Then COLDSIS came and gave us the best and most innovative Mobile App in the Insurance industry.”COLDSIS, we are grateful”. COLDSiS was able to embed the following features on the App that makes it the best option when it comes to customer service using Mobile Apps.

During the speech by the Commissioner of National Insurance Commission (Mr. Justice Yaw Ofori) said “this APP is well designed, developed and the user-experience is amazing.I have tested it on several occasions and never seen any loophole or faced any problem using the APP”.

When the Co-Founder of COLDSiS, Yakubu Lantam Abdul-Jabar was asked about the Technology in business development, he said “this project has been one of the challenging one because of the short time to complete it. What made things simple for us is that We are AI and IoT Innovators and we help companies harness the power of Artificial intelligence and IoT to raise awareness and build confidence in its brand. Coldsis played an important role in collaborating with Businesses on the Digital Single Market. Our influence creates resonance and drives impact for businesses through innovation.

The mobile app was finally launched to the general public for better business access.

You can contact Coldsis:
No 27 Pawpaw Street, East Legon- Accra / 0245383626

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coldsis mobile app for enterprise group coldsis mobile app for enterprise group coldsis mobile app for enterprise group


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