Clubs for the cultured man which fits you

Clubs for the cultured man

Being a man isn’t what you might call easy. Responsibilities often weigh you down, and you find yourself under the spotlight more often than you’d like. Men also have to live up to a certain standard that society imposes on them, determining what they should do, say, wear, act, and much more. While most men are content, even knowing all this, others decide to make a refuge for themselves, a sort of a haven they can escape to when needed. This is why many join clubs, whether they’re social, sports, or professional clubs. In all cases, these clubs provide a safe space where men could just be themselves, without having to carry the burden of anything else outside the walls of the club.

These are some clubs any cultured man should join.

A gentlemen’s club

This type of social clubs originated in the 18th century and was made popular in the 19th, and it’s a place where British men of the upper class used to gather to be themselves. A traditional gentlemen’s club would have a dining room, bar, library, maybe a game room, and probably luxurious leather chairs where men would sit and smoke their cigars using their fancy lighters, and you can read more here about the latter. The men would socialize or have a drink, while others would read a book or play a game together. These types of clubs have lingered on till this very day, and the culture of gentlemen’s social clubs has reached far beyond Britain to many countries around the world. Prominent examples include White’s, one of the oldest gentlemen’s clubs in London, and The Clermont Club.

Health club

Being a cultured man doesn’t mean you should have a poor physique. Every man out there should do themselves a favour and join a health club, because it’s an excellent motivation to stay in shape and keep healthy. The motivation of being surrounded by other men working out and staying in shape is definitely one you’ll need, and it might be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle for you.

Motorcycle club

Motorcycle club

Most people make the mistake of assuming that motorcycle clubs are necessarily gangers and people you should be wary of. While there are bad motorcycle clubs out there, you’ll also find some cool ones that just gather motorcycle enthusiasts together to do what they love and discuss their interest in the machines; they even might go on road trips together and enjoy themselves. You’d be surprised to know that there are even some motorcycle clubs changing the world for the better, like The Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club which consists of African Americans that mostly do charity events and help the poor!

Young professionals club

A young professionals club is basically one that serves to gather like-minded people of similar interests, where they could come together and network. This type of club provides an excellent opportunity to make some really cool connections while expanding your own circle of influence.

Reading this, you might think these clubs aren’t for you, but it’s actually quite important for you to try joining one out. The constraints of daily life can get a bit much at times, and being a man is not exactly becoming easier. You need people like you to help you get through life, a brotherhood of sorts. Think about this way, what have you got to lose by joining one of these clubs? Give it a go; it might change your life for the better.

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