Dull, weak and bloodshot eyes can be because of fatigue, lack of sleep, long working hours and so on. However, you can give your eyes the spark it needs to look sharper wherever you are. And as we already know, bright and sparkling eyes are what we all desire since it shows great health and radiates via the face to everyone around us.
1. Eye Exercise: There are ways to relax and light up the eyes which enhances blood circulation and ease off eye-straining. one of these exercises is shutting the eyes and squeezing them tightly, then opening them quickly as wide as possible. Keep doing this until your eyes start to water. It will aid your eyes to look, feel fresh and bright.
2. Tea Bags: Both green and black tea bags are popular for decreasing eye strain and restoring the natural glow and brightness to the eyes. If you did not know, the antioxidant properties in tea bags actually decrease swelling around the eyes.
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3. Cucumber or Potato slices: If you are not aware, placing slices of cucumber or potato over the eyes works magic on it. Both of them actually help to brighten the eyes and also decrease puffiness and under-eye circles.
4. Always keep your eyes hydrated:
An easy way to have clear eyes is by keeping them hydrated for proper lubrication. Simply splash your eyes with room-temperature water a few times daily and it will help to get rid of dull and tired eyes.

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