Biology is an important subject in the sciences stream of class 12 that serves as a cornerstone to a successful career in medicine, biotechnology, or other related areas if you do well on your board exam. Fortunately, students can score good marks in the 12th Biology paper with a strong preparation strategy because it is primarily a theoretical subject.

It does, however, necessitate a well-planned study schedule a smart strategy, and full dedication to follow the same. Follow these class 12 Biology preparation tips 2021 to get an 80+ on the theoretical paper.

1. Know the syllabus and Exam Pattern

Students must first familiarize themselves with the recent Class 12th biology curriculum and exam pattern to see all of the changes that have recently been introduced to crack the Biology exam. Students can also go through the most recent Biology sample papers to learn about the most recent changes in the exam format.

In addition to that, go through the past 5-6 years of previous years’ question paper and analyze it. It will also give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked most frequently on the exam. It aids in the division of themes based on the importance of the marks and the level of difficulty. This method also aids in the optimization of study schedules.

2. Create a Study Plan

Make a detailed study plan and follow it religiously. Study plans encourage discipline by providing structure throughout the day. This straightforward procedure will help you save time and help study more efficiently. Create a study schedule that includes time for housework and interests, as well as pauses in the schedule.

3. Stick to the syllabus and fundamentals

Students must properly prepare for the class 12 Biology board exam curriculum and be confident in their ability to answer any question on the exam.

The best source to prepare basics remains the Class 12 Biology NCERT Books. The book gives the fundamental concepts in an easy language and also most of the questions that eventually are asked in the exam are from NCERT itself. Apart from that, the emphasis should be on conceptual understanding. Therefore having a strong grasp of the NCERT book of biology is a must for getting good marks in the board exams.

4. Make short notes

It is critical to take notes to swiftly revise and retain difficult information. Because the 12th Biology paper is more theoretical, notes are condensed to short pointers of a broad topic. Studying from your notes rather than someone else’s will be far more effective.

When studying for biology class XII board exams, it is recommended that you write down all of the relevant terminologies, diagrams, chemical equations, and formulas in the order that they appear in the syllabus. It’s also a good idea to prepare flashcards (brief notes) for the same. During last-minute revision, the flashcards come in handy. Make sure to thoroughly rehearse all of the major themes in writing.

5. Solve and Practice Sample Papers

It is generally preferable for students to organize their practice sessions from example papers using class 12 biology preparation tips. This provides information on topics that are regularly asked in tests, weighting, time management, question quality, exam pattern, and much more. Therefore, studying class 12 Sample Papers is always beneficial.

6. Revision of crucial concepts in a proper manner

Although it is crucial to review the complete Class 12 Biology board exam syllabus, it is also necessary to pay special attention to the important themes that carry more weight.

Aside from that, students must complete the previous year’s papers and sample papers within a certain amount of time. This will provide students with not just solid textual practice but also familiarity with an exam-like situation.

Use sample papers to help you solve problems and improve your skills.


It is generally preferable for students to organize their practice sessions from mock papers that are based on 12 board exam patterns. This provides information on topics that are regularly asked in tests, weighting, time management, question quality, exam pattern, and much more. As a result, studying class 12 Sample Papers is always beneficial.

7. Organize your time

It is critical to manage time throughout the CBSE Class 12 Biology board test to complete the exam paper within the time limit. Set deadlines for each segment to help you manage your time. Make sure you don’t get stuck on any of the questions.

Planning ahead of time can not only keep you organized but will also relieve you of a lot of stress. Here’s an example of how you could divide your time:

10 minutes for Section A

30 Minutes in Section B

Section C is 50 minutes long.

30 minutes in Section D

1 hour in Section E

8. Take Multiple Breaks

Biology is a theoretical subject that can be exhausting since it includes theory, practice, formulas, equations, and a variety of vocabulary. To keep concentrated and fresh, students should take frequent brief breaks during their studies.

9. Keep your mind and body healthy

The study is important but your health is of greater priority. Take 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep. Remember to do some enjoyable tasks for a short period, exercise, and eat nutritious foods.

Last-minute exam tips

Here are some excellent tips and strategies useful while giving the exam:

  • Before composing an answer, read the question carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked.
  • Use a sharp pencil to write properly and create diagrams.
  • Make a list of the most important keywords and underline them.
  • Keep the answers simple, precise, and relevant to the question.
  • Even if the question does not specify, draw a diagram.


To crack the class 12 Biology board exam it is necessary to know the syllabus, the exam pattern, have a good understanding of basics and, have a detailed plan for completing the syllabus and revise it. Moreover, have confidence in yourself.

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