Supercell and ESL have unveiled the Clash of Clans World Championship 2020. A prize pool of $1 M is up for grabs.
Dots eSports reports that theĀ  tournament format is similar to last year’s event. Teams are required to participate in the monthly clan war or ESL Play Cups for the monthly offline qualifications. The qualifier’s winner earns a ticket for the Clash of Clans World Finals.
The top four clans from the clan war leagues and the top four from the ESL Play Cups will be participating in the monthly offline qualifier at the ESL Arena Katowice.

Schedule for the year

Qualifier one

Feb. 1-10: Clan War League
Feb. 12-14: ESL Play Cups
March 27-29: Offline Qualifier One

Qualifier two

March 1-10: Clan War League
March 12-14: ESL Play Cups
April 24-26: Offline Qualifier Two

Qualifier three

April 1-10: Clan War League
April 12-14: ESL Play Cups
May 29-31: Offline Qualifier Three

Qualifier four

May 1-10: Clan War League
May 12-14: ESL Play Cups
June 26-28: Offline Qualifier Four

Qualifier five

June 1-10: Clan War League
June 12-14: ESL Play Cups
July 24-26: Offline Qualifier Five

Qualifier six

July 1-10: Clan War League
July 12-14: ESL Play Cups
August 24-26: Offline Qualifier Six
Every qualification’s winner will make it to the Clash of Clans World Finals 2020.

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