Christmas Gift

If you’re like me, Christmas has crept up on you and now you’ve got to rush and get gifts.  The good news is that you caught on before it yelled, “boo” from behind the closet door of your scattered thoughts and daydreams.
If you’ve over a thousand friends on facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc etc, then it’s assumed that you’ve got a long list of gifts to buy.
Thankfully, courtesy permits you to buy only for those you know well (close friends and family). So friends on social media have to be content with Christmas greetings and shout-outs from you. If you are generous you could play “fastest finger” with them.  Let them scramble for some prepaid phone credits.
Now gifts. How do I get a gift? Just so you don’t get it wrong, the rule of the thumb for me is to avoid gifts that need precision. Eg. You don’t know his size, don’t buy a shirt and hope it will fit.  The designer might not have considered his middle.
The gift should last a while, not something that can be consumed and forgotten in a minute like, biscuits and chocolates. Anything that you can afford on your budget. The thought matters a lot. If you genuinely don’t feel like getting a gift then maybe you probably shouldn’t.
So now that we have that straight, these are ideas that I came up with.  Let me know if they are good gifts for a shoestring budget.  These gifts can be put together.


These are probably overdone but still not bad. If they suit up often because of work, then they probably would need an endless supply. Cufflinks and matching tie pins are nice. Silk knots are also dapper.


If they are avid readers and you know their tastes, then you couldn’t go wrong with a book.  Just do not provide manuals without the appliances in the name of “read wide.”  A year’s subscription of a newspaper or a magazine would be thoughtful for the older generation.

Gift Cards/ Vouchers

They work just fine. Especially when you have not the faintest idea of what to get.
These gift cards can be bought from malls, Gift shops, online, mobile top-up etc. Make sure that the cards are worth a respectable amount – Moneywise


A lot of events are going on during this festive season.  Musical Concerts, Movies, festivals of plays and the like. Buy tickets to a function they’ve been dying to see. Since it’s not fun doing it alone, make sure the tickets are two or more.


In my part of the world, where a large percentage of the populace does debatable haut couture, Fabric will be highly appreciated. Try Woodin, GTP or other fabric Shops. Get something nice. Getting combination pieces makes the fashion more interesting.
P.S. have in mind the complexion of the recipient.

Christmas Cards

Technically, you may say no, but if you are giving a card portraying your best wishes for free, I will count it. I would suggest, you go for a blank card so that you can pen your own heartfelt message.
E-Cards can be sent to acquaintances.

A letter

You could do a good old fashioned letter. If the postal services still work then post it as well.  Eii- who does snail mail these days?–that’s the point.
Take your time and write a really long letter. Talk about the good memories shared together. If you have old fashioned photographs, all the better.
Note of caution: don’t type, write it out in your best hand.

Christmas hampers

I‘ll advise that you purchase the products and make the hamper yourself. Stores usually
use it as an opportunity to get rid of products close to expiry.  So much for good thoughts and well wishes during the festive season.

Spread Christmas Cheer

If it looks like you’re going to spend Christmas alone, then help out at a soup kitchen or charity and spread Christmas cheer. You will meet others and then not be so alone. Remember to take photographs and selfies as you celebrate the season. These are memories being created. You won’t have them again.
By the way, gifts are given way into the New Year as well so you still have time.
So thoroughly enjoy yourself.
Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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