Choosing Web Scraping Tool: Why you should choose DaaS over DIY

Choosing Web Scraping Tool: Why you should choose DaaS over DIY
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The 21st-century business is thriving on the smart use of web data. Most companies now rely on the use of insights derived from web data to make decisions that are key to their development and progress. However, with data spread across hundreds of websites thus posing a potential complexity, there are two major approaches whereby companies who need this data can source for it. The approaches include the DaaS web scraping tool like Zenserp and the DIY web scraping tool.

The DIY (Do It Yourself) web scraping tool is done by people who do not have the knowledge of coding. On the other hand, the DaaS (Data As A Service) web scraping tool allows vendors to deliver the much needed and specific data to businesses in their choice formats.

While both web scraping methods have gained popularity over the years, there are some differences existing between both methods.

DaaS: This involves subscribing to the data service provider who supplies the desired data in the correct and desired format. There are different companies like Zenserp offering the DaaS service and their major service is to extract all the needed data and ensure that it is made available to the client. Purchasing data from these companies means you do not have to worry about securing or building a web scraping tool, developing infrastructure to extract data and other costs. However, one of the major setbacks is that you as a client do not have complete control of the data and how it is extracted or managed. DaaS is more recommended for businesses, especially those at an enterprise level as they need tons of data from several thousands of websites, a process that may be cumbersome for their in-house team.

DIY Web Scraping Tool: This is more common among people who do not know how to code but are in need of relevant web data to make well-informed decisions. To get this done, there are several commercial tools that can be purchased to scrape data. Most of these tools, however, work better when websites have been identified and grouped. Chances of getting the correct results become slimmer when you task such tools to scout the web for needed information.

Both options present their pros and cons. Below are some of the reasons why DaaS is more recommended for your web scraping needs compared to the DIY web scraping tool.       

DaaS is Cost-Effective

In most cases, it has been proven that DaaS services are more cost-saving compared to DIY data scraping tools. With DaaS, businesses can rest assured that they will not only have their data scraping needs duly attended to but that they can also relax knowing that all other processes, including maintenance and Q&A are adequately handled and at no extra cost.

Maintenance is needed for DIY scraping tools because the website will sometimes change their pattern, making it harder for the tool to aggregate the needed information. In the case of DaaS, businesses do not have to worry about this as their data service providers will bear the cost of maintenance and other support services.

In addition, with DaaS in place, businesses can save more money as they do not need to hire an in-house team or a full department to service their data needs.

DIY Web Scraping Tools Require Constant Updates

As with all other applications, investing in a DIY web scraping tool means businesses have to constantly invest their resources into updating the software as it is bound to go out of date often. With DaaS, businesses, do not have to worry about these constant updates brought about by a change in the pattern of websites that are being crawled.

DaaS Offers Flexibility

Every business owner strives to put measures in place that have been designed to ensure that they can rest while productivity rises. Using a DaaS service offers this level of flexibility for business owners as they can customize their options at any given time without having to deal with the hassles of incompetence by their in-house staff, lack of technical know-how or proper training and a host of other issues. With DaaS services, business owners can be assured of the quality of data they are getting.

DaaS Offers Accuracy

While a DIY web scraping tool can offer business owners the needed data for their needs, there is always an issue of the accuracy of the data that has been returned. The accuracy of data supplied by the DIY web scraping tool varies and this makes it less trustworthy, especially for people planning to make huge performance and production decisions based on this. On the other hand, business owners can rest assured of the accuracy of data they are getting as part of the DaaS service.

Faster Scraping

DaaS services guarantee business owners and clients a faster scraping and data reporting process. When compared to the DIY data scraping tools and the time taken to process the data collected, this gives businesses an idea of what they are missing out on when they fail to choose the DaaS service for their data scraping needs.

When Site Policies Become An Issue

Some websites may have policies that create issues for web scrapers. These websites may be harder to scrape using DIY web scraping tools compared with professional DaaS service.

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