Here’s why you should not rely on Chloroquine for coronavirus

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Everyone is rushing Chloroquine to fight the deadly coronavirus, but is it really the answer and cure?
Since US president, Donald Trump came out to say that Chloroquine has been approved as a cure for coronavirus, Nigerians have been stocking it at home with reckless abandon.
However, Trump is wrong and health practitioners have been warning people against using the anti-malarial drug indiscriminately without proper prescription.
1. It is yet to be approved to cure the coronavirus:
Chloroquine is for Malaria and even if it could end up being the treatment for coronavirus, there has been no approval yet.
Dr. Olufunmilayo Harvey, a Nigerian MD practicing in the NHS, United Kingdom had this to say recently, “Before a particular drug can be used in the treatment of an illness, there is a lot of research and clinical trials that goes into ensuring the dose, safety, and effectiveness of that drug in the treatment of that illness. Until all that is completed, It’s more of speculation.”
2. You need a doctor’s prescription: This is impossible right now since it has not been approved for coronavirus yet. It might be showing great potential for that purpose, but it is still too early to conclude. Please avoid self-diagnosis.
3. Chloroquine can be potentially dangerous: If you are not aware, the drug actually causes Headache, Drowsiness, Slow heart rate, Seizures/convulsion, Slow breathing, Loss of consciousness and death, which is why you need professional advice before relying on it.



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