China Mobile and Huawei just took 5G connectivity to a new level by bringing the network to the top of Mount Everest after the completion of the world’s highest 5G base station on the altitude of 6500 meters. Alongside the launch of the Gigabit optical fibre network at the attitude of 6,500 meters, Huawei will aid China Mobile to run its dual Gigabit network on Mount Everest.
According to VanguardNG, with its HoloSens brilliant video surveillance system, Huawei guarantees quality streaming plus capabilities of optimization and fault locating with a single click, ensuring the networks are always enabled even at the attitude of 6,500 meters at the top of Mount Everest.

China Mobile Huawei 5G
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Huawei is of the opinion that tech will make the world a better place to live in. The awesomeness of Mount Everest is displayed through 5G high-definition video and VR experience, which also offers added insights for mountaineers, scientists e.t.c. The amazing achievement on Mount Everest has once again proven that 5G tech is the link that can connect humans and earth.
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