China’s Internet Association in support of multiple Chinese government departments to establish an esports work council.  The esports industry in China this week has seen some notable partnerships and sponsorships.
Earlier this week Nike confirmed a four-year sponsorship deal with TJ sports for China’s League of LegendsPro League (LPL).  Whiles Newbee signed partnership deals with apparel brand Li-Ning and Shanghai Bank.
According to a report from Esports Observer, the China Internet Association held a Digital Esports and Intelligent Economy summit in Beijing on March 2. The Association stated their intention to start the Esports Work Council during the event. The event saw multiple Chinese esports company executives and politicians attend the event.
In addition, the China Internet Association and the council want to promote, reinforce, and standardize the esports industry. They will combine esports and China’s education strategy to guide esports in a sustainable way.
The reports suggest that the standards in place could protect players and standardize the industry in the country through regulations. Moreover, it could also lead to potential visa benefits for athletes traveling to and from the country to compete, which has been an issue for Chinese players in the past.
Also, the event had the support of several Chinese government departments. The Chinese esports industry keeps growing.
Current defending League of Legends world champions Invictus Gaming is a long-standing member of China’s League of Legends Pro League, one of the earliest franchised leagues in the world. 
Some doubt the accuracy of Chinese esports streaming statistics, the region has been known to sometimes generate millions of viewers. As an example, Riot’s League of Legends World Championship hit a 99.6 million unique viewer milestone last year, fueled in large part by the Chinese viewing audience watching Invictus Gaming take home the crown.
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