During this isolation period amid the coronavirus outbreak, kids can easily get bored staying at home for a long time. No one expected the pandemic, but now that it is here, Here are creative ways to keep your children occupied amid the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Make them work and earn: This will surely keep them occupied. Instruct them to do simple things like cleaning the table, laying their beds, sweeping the floor, all for a token from you. By so doing, they will be hardworking and financially buoyant while at home at the same time.

2. Build up their library: This is the best time to read books more. You can make things more interesting by asking your children to tell you the summary of the things you read. Make sure the books are appropriate for their age as well.

3. Get them art tools/supplies: This will make them more creative during this period. Buy lots of palettes, paintbrushes, cardboard, crayons e.t.c and let them do their thing. This is the best time to allow them to explore their artistic skills.

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4. Educational applications: As your kids remain indoors for now, make sure they are studying more. Help them download vital applications for them to keep reading until the pandemic is history. This will keep them up to date ahead of resumption.

5. Movie time: Watch lovely films with them and relax together. It helps the family to have special bonding moments but it has to be age-appropriate too.

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