You might know it as the windy city, or because of its  “bean” sculpture, or maybe because of its Bulls basketball team? Ok, just in case you haven’t understood what city we’re talking about, it’s Chicago! Recently in the midst of several conversations, Chicago has announced it would be taking up the responsibility to improve the city, and the City Council is getting to work. With lots of different plans to better the city, a special focus is being shined on going “greener”. In fact, one of the main goals for the renovation is to make Chicago a green infrastructure haven.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is Chicago’s biggest fan, and is giving it his all. After having introduced the “Building a New Chicago” plan six years ago, the mayor has been moving steadily with improvements and additions to the city’s infrastructure skyline. What’s more is that the plans the mayor is organizing are also set to create new jobs- great news for the whole city and its outskirts. Already with the “Building a New Chicago” the mayor’s offices announced that 60,000 jobs were created, a big number that has repaid all the efforts so far. Apparently, though the mayor is not satisfied with the number, and has said he wants to add another 40,000 to the workforce- impressive numbers filled with hope. But what exactly is the mayor aiming at? Plans suggest that improvements in the transport system, energy field, and the water system are at the top of the list.
Back in 2012 the “Chicago Infrastructure Trust” was set up by the City Council, and was given the task to find financiers for the various projects at hand. Recently, one project that was highlighted was the exciting O’Hare express; a high-speed train that would go and connect Chicago’s city center to the International O’Hare Airport, the United States’ third busiest airport. This train would give Chicago a modernizing boost when it comes to connecting both locals and tourists from downtown to the airport – something that many other cities have been implementing too. The Trust is looking for a series of private investors that can get the job done. For the investors, the economic advantage would be being able to oversee the ticket billing and the many advertising opportunities that such a popular line could organize.
Thanks to all the business surrounding Chicago and its advancements, president Trump also decided to join the party. The president has planned to renovate the symbolic 92-year old Union Station, and modernize the North Side’s public transport system. Both projects foresee an additional creation of jobs as well. The prior aims at 1,000 new jobs, whereas the latter 2,100.
With so much going on in the windy city, many are hopeful to see one of the US’ main hubs shine even brighter than it is now. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.
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