3 Simple ways to check & verify plate number in Nigeria [2023 Guide]

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To verify plate number in Nigeria is a necessary responsibility because records show that more than two-fifths of vehicles travelling on Nigerian roads are carrying fake number plates with or without the driver’s awareness.

Many Nigerians have taken the news of the presence of fake number plates for granted because they got their vehicle number plate registered through a trustworthy agency.

It is said that Vehicle Registration in Nigeria began over 100 years ago. The records were essentially manual, which did not help in the efficiency of general automotive registration and preservation of documents as it is today. However, due to digitalization, there has been improved efficiency in the management of information these records which has helped security forces recover stolen vehicles across the country.

The electronic management system has come to replace the manual and gradually reduce the manual system’s problems.

In Nigeria, all vehicles must be registered under the Federal Road Safety Commission ( FRSC), which has offices in all local government jurisdictions across the country.

verify number plate FRSC

This article aims to outline three simple ways you can verify the plate number of your vehicle, but before I do that, let’s consider a few things.

Why should you check and verify your plate number?

  1. To be sure your vehicle number plate is genuine and bears your details
  2. To be sure you are driving a stolen car. Remember, ignorance is not an excuse before the law.
  3. Before you buy a Nigeria-registered car, this can let you know if you are dealing with the rightful owner or if it’s a stolen car.

3 Top guides to check and verify plate number of vehicles in Nigeria

With this out of the way, here is how to check and verify your car’s plate number in Nigeria:

1. How to verify a vehicle plate number via FRSC’s official website

Step 1

Visit the FRSC’s Verify Number Plate website page by clicking on this link: https://nvis.frsc.gov.ng/VehicleManagement/VerifyPlateNo

Step 2

On the Verify Number plate page, you will be greeted with a simple form like the image below:

FRSC verify number plate

Enter the plate number of the vehicle whose authenticity you want to verify in the space provided on the page. A typical example of a vehicle plate number is JHG445MK; ensure to enter this number without adding any symbol or space to it; else it would be rejected.

Step 3:

Click the “submit” button. Then the vehicle’s information would be displayed if it has been registered with the FRSC, but if not it will bring a null result.

2. How to verify Vehicle Plate Number via SMS

For those looking for a non-internet option, if you have trouble with stable internet or access to a computer or smartphone, the FRSC has an SMS option. It is very convenient and can be done on any mobile phone; it also requires no internet connection.

Step 1

Navigate through the text message icon of your mobile phone and type “Verify plate no [your plate number]; ensure to enter this number without adding any symbol or space to it.

Step 2

Send it to 33324.

Step 3

You’ll get a return message from FRSC within a short period showing the vehicle’s information whose plate number you sent. If the car is yet to be registered with the FRSC, it will bring a null result.

3. How to verify Vehicle Plate Number via the FRSC mobile app

FRSC is making sure it provides all the technology options to check and verify your plate number. As of this writing, our final alternative is using the official mobile app of FRSC on the Google Play store; however, unfortunately it is not available.

Step 1

Go to the Google play store on your mobile phone and search for “FRSC app“. Since the official app is currently unavailable, you will see alternatives from other developers. Click and download any that meets your preference.

Step 2

Launch the application and enter your plate number in the space provided; ensure to enter this number without adding any symbol or space to it; else, it would be rejected.

Step 3

Click on verify and the result showing your vehicle information would be displayed if the vehicle has been registered with the FRSC, but if not it will bring a null result.

What was the result when you check your vehicle’s plate number? Drop your comment.

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