If you need a new smart TV, Samsung is undoubtedly one of the best options out there. For those who adore television sets with fantastic image quality, the UHD 4K edition is an excellent choice. However, owners prefer one picture size to another, so we can help by showing you how to change the picture size on your Samsung TV.

change picture size Samsung TV
Photo credit: news.samsung.com

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How can I change the picture size on your Samsung TV?

  1. Press “Home.” on your Samsung remote.
  2. Choose “Settings,” you will find yourself on the “Picture” menu.
  3. Tap “Picture Size Settings.”
  4. Tap “Picture Size” and choose your preferred option.
  5. If you select “Custom,” you will be able to access “Zoom and Position” too.

To make your Samsung TV recognize the Picture Size automatically, simply adhere to the same instructions above and choose “Auto Wide” under “Picture Size.”
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