MTN Mobile Money PIN code

MTN Mobile Money is a fast and most convenient way to receive money from your family, friends and customers right on your phone. In order to keep your MM account safe from from unauthorized access, an MM PIN code is required to unlock some transaction such as confirming transfer, checking balance in MM wallet, etc.

It is therefore advisable to change your 4 digit MM PIN code, I will recommend once in every quarter if you are fond of giving out your MTN MM PIN code to others.

This is how to change your MTN mobile money PIN code.

Depending on the phone you are using, kindly search or locate My MTN app or icon on your phone.


  1. Launch the My MTN app or select to open the app or icon
  2. On the menu, select MobileMoney
  3. Then, select My Wallet
  4. From the menu options within My Wallet, select Change MM PIN
  5. Enter your old MM PIN code, and select OK
  6. Enter New MM PIN code, and select OK
  7. You will be prompted to repeat the New MM PIN code, and select OK.

Once this is accepted, you New MM PIN code will replace the old MM PIN code.

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