Here is how:

  • Head to and get yourself logged into your account by entering your Gmail name and password.
  • Tap “Settings”, which resembles a cogwheel, and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap “Accounts and Imports” from the top menu. (On some versions of Gmail, the tab will be named “Accounts.”)
  • Choose “Edit info” close to “Send Mail as.”
  • A pop-up window will be visible. Enter your new name into the “Name” text box.
  • Tap “Save Changes” to save the fresh name.

Change Gmail name
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At times, users might see “this setting can’t be changed for your account.” This happens if a user has attempted to change his or her name too many times during a brief period or if the account is a G suite account and the administrator does not permit changes.
You are done.
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