Financially plagued mobile operator, Cell C has said the second half of its 2019 financial year showed a massive in its fortunes, with an R1-billion improvement in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (Ebitda).
Compared to the first half, gross margin rose by 9%, operating expenses dropped by 18% and Ebitda more than doubled to R1.7-billion.
Cell C had this to say via a recent statement, “Operational improvements and right-sizing set the operator up for future growth, allowing the streamlined entity to take advantage of a new network strategy. This will enable a revised capital structure with manageable debt that will ensure long-term sustainability.”
Cell C CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson added, “The green shoots of the turnaround strategy, which was implemented from March 2019 onwards, are now visible. Operationally, the business is stronger, and a successful recapitalisation will secure the long-term sustainability of Cell C.”

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