Africa’s pan-African technology innovation centre, Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), and iHub will implement the 2nd edition of the Women In Business program aimed at women-led businesses from Nigeria and Kenya looking to leverage technology to scale their solutions in the African market.
The program will bring together female entrepreneurs, software developers, investors, SMEs, corporates and industry experts across multiple sectors and will enhance how women-led businesses leverage technology to serve their market better; build the capacity of women-led businesses to secure capital; catalyse the expansion efforts of women-led businesses in the African market; develop the ability of female entrepreneurs to attract; develop and retain quality talent as well as create access to market opportunities.
Female entrepreneurs participating in the program will gain access to a strategically differentiated business that speaks to the heart of customer needs, develop an ability to talk about investor language and leverage sound financial understanding of your business to secure capital and partnerships, support to expand their business across multiple geographical markets, receive knowledge on how to attract, develop and retain a strong team, access to a robust network of investors, corporate executives and software developers to help scale their business.
This cohort is succeeding the first cohort of the Women in Business program launched in 2019 to grow the number of socially and economically empowered women who run sustainable businesses working in the technology sector.
The criteria for participation in the program include women-led business interested in leveraging technology to scale their businesses, registered, with operations in Kenya or Nigeria, strong (well-rounded) founding team, working full-time on the business, businesses with proven traction in the market (e.g., customers, revenue), scalable businesses that meet a real need.
Women who fit the criteria mentioned above can apply to be part of the program via this link.
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