Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) and iHub, the leading technology innovation centre in Africa have launched Cohort 2 of the Women In Business programme. This is following the success and impact of the first cohort of the Women in Business programme, which supported technology entrepreneurs in Kenya and opened up to women-led businesses as a whole how these women can better leverage technology to scale their solutions in the African market. The programme will support businesses in Nigeria, in addition to Kenya.
The programme kicked off with a virtual workshop on Thursday, October 1, and Friday, October 2, 2020, to share with the startups the programme’s mechanics and expectations during the 6-month period of the programme.
The programme will enhance how women-led businesses leverage technology to better serve their market, build the capacity of women-led businesses to secure capital, catalyze the expansion efforts of women-led businesses in the African market, build the capacity of female entrepreneurs to attract, develop and retain quality talent and create access to market opportunities
One key aspect of our programmes is connecting startups to experts in particular sectors/fields. This cohort’s programme will feature a women-centric industry expert network from the technology sector and other relevant fields as guest expert/facilitator at monthly meetings, industry advisor that will be attached to a specific startup, and Industry advisor accessible via flexible office hours.
These businesses will be able to benefit in the following ways; They will be able to use technology to achieve a strategically differentiated business that speaks to the heart of customer needs, An ability to speak investor language and leverage sound financial understanding of your business to secure capital and partnerships, support to expand your business across multiple geographical markets, knowledge of how to attract, develop, and retain a strong team; as well as access to a robust network of investors, corporate executives, and software developers to help scale your business.
These are the startups selected into the 2020 cohort 2 are Afrofinity, Fichaya, Happy Coffee, HerVest, Inuka Kenya, Keypetbooks, Lucy and partners (Nig) Ltd, Marble Stitches, Maximum Cleaning Hub, The butty Box, Ndovu, OnehealthNg, Semsey, WHISPA, ZUMI.
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