The newest buzzword in the world of medicine and pain relief, CBD oil is becoming a common sight in our stores and streets. From pain management to anxiety relief, it is often credited with fixing a myriad of ailments and is the go-to option for many who have been suffering.

So is it worth all of the hype? How exactly can it help you out? Is it worth getting your hands on to try for yourself? What are the top uses of CBD oil, and how it could transform your life?

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Anxiety and Depression

One of the benefits of CBD oil is its role in alleviating anxiety and depression. These debilitating conditions have the potential to wreak havoc on the lives of sufferers, and the World Health Organisation counts depression as the single most significant contributor to disability worldwide, with anxiety disorders following closely behind in sixth place.

The most common treatment for both anxiety and depression are either psychological courses such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), or prescribed drugs. While these can be beneficial, they may prove ineffective or come with side effects such as insomnia, drowsiness, sexual dysfunction, and even severe addiction issues.

Studies which have tested the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment show a significant reduction in symptoms, and this substance has also proven useful for tackling insomnia and PTSD. The positive results are thought to be connected to the ability of the oil to boost serotonin in the brain, which helps to regulate both mood and social behaviour.

 Pain Relief

The benefits of marijuana for pain relief are well documented, with the plant being used since 2900 BC as a painkiller. Recent studies have been carried out on this effectiveness, including those by William Prado and other scientists. His report and investigations into the human body have revealed a specialized system known as the ‘endocannabinoid system,’ or ECS. This system is responsible for a variety of functions, such as immune system response, sleep, appetite, and pain.

The body naturally produces endocannabinoids—neurotransmitters that bind to the cannabinoid receptors found in the nervous system. CBD can impact the endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing chronic pain and inflammation through interaction with neurotransmitters. Many studies have been piloted on rats with successful results, and studies on humans have shown that CBD may be highly effective in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Fighting Acne

A lesser-known benefit of CBD is its potential to help fight acne. This is a common skin condition, impacting over 9 percent of the population, and has many causes such as genetics, bacteria, and underlying inflammation. Another reason for acne is the overproduction of sebum, an oily secretion made by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and may also have the ability to reduce sebum production, preventing the glands from producing excessive oils and helping to reduce the spread of acne.

The unique combination of properties which help to create CBD oil could prove a valuable weapon against acne, a way of alleviating chronic pain, and the freedom from anxiety and depression that so many crave. Used effectively, this one little miracle substance offers the potential to transform the lives of millions across the world.

CBD Oil For Pets

Believe it or not, CBD oil is proven to be a harmless, beneficial component for dogs. From calming anxiety, restoring health and relieving pain, CBD oil will alleviate dramatically a man’s best friend. Many times, the all-natural supplement proves to negate the necessity for typical conventional medications. As a matter of fact, with the recent boom of CBD legality, a lot of companies have gone ahead in creating their own products with specific targets. It was only a matter of time before pet owners began to consider whether CBD oil could also serve their four-legged friends. It’s no different with Honest Paws, which created a variety of CBD based products focused on a dog’s health. Here is a list of the best CBD oil options for your furry pet.

For instance, CBD catnip spray is very ideal for your cat pet.

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