Things to keep in mind while planning an African Horse Safari

Things to keep in mind while planning an African Horse Safari

If you are planning an African horse safari, there will be so many things to do that it can be overwhelming. Such a safari is a trip of a lifetime and...
Middle East’s Tallest Building must watch

Middle East’s tallest building must watch 

Center east is the home of the absolute tallest structure on the planet. Joined Arab emirate has an extraordinary sum of these f tall structures. The center east has around 30...

Barack Obama’s Now Mainly Focusing on Wearing This Casual Backwards Hat

Intro text we refine our methods of responsive web design, we’ve increasingly focused on measure and its relationship to how people read. Strech lining hemline above knee burgundy glossy silk complete hid...
Topaz Taxi

Topaz Taxi: How to request a ride

Topaz Taxi is the newest addition to the ride-hailing services in Ghana. It is adding a little fun to the whole ride-hailing experience. It is here to provide the rider with...
south india

Revealing the beauty of South India and tips for a memorable trip

South India is located in the Southern parts of South Asia surrounded by sea from around. It is famous for its diversified terrains and beautiful places. When someone intends to visit...
christmas holiday

5 best destinations to visit on the Christmas holidays!

The month of December brings the year to an end but not without giving us a week of joy and excitement in the last week. The last week of December begins...
Campervan touring around Tasmania

Vacation of a Lifetime – Campervan touring around Tasmania

Tasmania - a state off the coast of Australia known for its wilderness and natural wonders. It is a place largely made up of protected parks and reserve, home to countless...
You travelling from Accra to Kumasi? Then you should buy V.I.P bus ticket via the MyTicketGH app or via their website,

Travelling from Accra to Kumasi? Buy VIP bus ticket via MyTicketGH

Now travelling from Accra the capital to Kumasi, the Garden City has been quite easy. Modern technology is making everything very easy to do now. Travelling from Accra to Kumasi is...
Rent a Surfline 4G MiFi for short term use this festive season or beyond

Rent a Surfline 4G MiFi for short term use; this festive season or beyond

While competition leaves most service providers at their wits ends for ideas, it invites innovation from some creative ones. More often, if you intend to use an internet router or Mi-Fi,...
V&A Waterfront Marina

5 things to look for when choosing a place to stay while travelling

We all long for holidays so that we can at least set some time apart to spend maybe with our families or just seclude ourselves from the daily rankles of life....
Ghana re-launches the railway service to connect the capital, Accra, to the industrial hub, Tema. The Railway Company is offering free rides for two weeks

Ghana re-launches the railway service to connect Accra to Tema

The Ghana Railway Company through the Ministry of Railway Development has currently restored a pivotal portion of railway transport in the country. As reported by Business Insider the Minister for Railway...
summer destinations in North India for 2019

Best secret summer destinations in North India for 2019

Looking for a perfect place to visit during your summer break? Or looking for perfect destinations to visit in India in summers? Come summers, and you do not want to step...
Hoi An

5 Reasons why Hoi An should be on your bucket list

Eating dinner by a canal at night while the light from the surrounding buildings reflects off the waterways as small boats pass by -- it’s an experience surely only found in...
alternatives popular travel destinations

4 alternatives to popular travel destinations

Popular travel destinations are obviously popular for a reason. Whether they’re culturally rich, with stunning architecture and magnificent food; or they’re buzzing with activity, offering shopping by day and nightlife by...
InDriver may be your best Uber alternative

InDriver may be your best Bolt and Uber alternative

Soon the ride-hailing section of the Ghanaian transport industry is sure to be more competitive. Existing operators like Uber, Bolt (previously known as Taxify), and newcomer Yango will be having some...
famous landmarks you should visit in U.K

5 famous landmarks you should visit in UK in 2019

Landmarks come in various types that enables one to give a proper recognition from a distance and most importantly helps to establish their location. Christmas is here once again and you have...

7 gadgets you should have while partying or travelling this new year day

The world is just few hours away from 2019 and the holiday (or partying) mood has already set in. While some may party at home and spend time with loved ones,...
5 Cheapest Places To Travel In South Africa In 2019

5 cheapest places to travel in South Africa in 2019

Temperate and sunny climate, sweeping views of the ocean and numerous vast natural wildlife sanctuaries make this African country a true treasure! South Africa has become a popular destination, thanks to...
El Nido, Philippines

Tips for traveling to El Nido, Philippines

El Nido is a Filipino town located in the northeast of the island of Palawan. Although it has become one of the busiest tourist destinations when talking about the Philippines it...
Bali experience: Best things to see, do, and taste

Bali experience: Best things to see, do, and taste

Most travel enthusiasts who make the exciting decision of taking a trip to the Island of Gods picture the place as a paradise getaway where you can peacefully sip on pina...