packing cubes

Packing cubes: The ultimate travel hack

Whether you are travelling alone or you are travelling with family, a packing cube is what you need. A packing cube is a lightweight bag in which you can keep all...
InDriver may be your best Uber alternative

InDriver may be your best Bolt and Uber alternative

Soon the ride-hailing section of the Ghanaian transport industry is sure to be more competitive. Existing operators like Uber, Bolt (previously known as Taxify), and newcomer Yango will be having some...
Travel Backpack for Europe

What to pack for travelling to Europe

A holiday trip to Europe has always been a dream for most people but preparing for such a once-in-a-lifetime trip can be a bit overwhelming to some. What do you bring...
andaman islands

Why Should You Consider Making A Trip To Andaman Islands At Least Once?

The Andaman Islands, one of the best tourist spots in India, attract millions of people across the world throughout the year. There are many attractions for you in this island state,...
Ghana re-launches the railway service to connect the capital, Accra, to the industrial hub, Tema. The Railway Company is offering free rides for two weeks

Ghana re-launches the railway service to connect Accra to Tema

The Ghana Railway Company through the Ministry of Railway Development has currently restored a pivotal portion of railway transport in the country. As reported by Business Insider the Minister for Railway...
What are The Best China Nanning Tourist Attractions & Investment Opportunities?

What are the best China Nanning tourist attractions & investment opportunities?

China is a land of scenic attractions and several business opportunities! If you are impressed by travel blogs about the multiple travel destinations in China, you should add Nanning to your...

15 things everyone visiting Vancouver for the first time should do

If you are looking for a place to experience fun, Vancouver is the place to visit. Located on the West Coast of British Columbia, the city attracts millions of tourists every...
trotro insurance

Ghanaians can check the insurance status of trotro vehicles from Jan 2020

As part of the digital transformation agenda, the Ghanaian government is planning to put the insurance status of public mini-buses online. This is to enable passengers to be aware of whether...
best travel spots 2020

7 best travel spots around the world to visit this 2020

If your 2019 has been filled with fantastic travel memories, well, 2020 will be even more fun for traveling. We are now in a new decade, and it’s only right to...
GIG Mobility expands transport service into Ghana

GIG Mobility expands transport service into Ghana

Another transport service is entering the Ghanaian market. This new company, GIG Mobility (GIGM), is a technologically powered transport company and is ready to join the country’s intercity transportation sector. GIG Mobility...
Great Adventure in Desert Safaris Dubai

Great adventure in Desert Safaris Dubai

It is part of many travelers’ dreams to go on a Desert Safari Adventure and if you are lucky enough to be in a position where such a trip is a...
Bsystems to provide business solutions at Kotoka Airport T3

Tech solutions provider Bsystems joins Ecobank to provide business solutions for travellers at Kotoka...

Bsystems Limited, a Ghanaian leading global provider of technology solutions, has launched a new digital business solutions centre at the Kotoko International Airport (KIA) in Accra. The new digital business solutions...
UberBOAT launches in Lagos, Nigeria

Uber launches UberBOAT in Lagos, Nigeria

Ride-hailing company Uber has launched its on-water transport service, UberBOAT, in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. The pilot phase in Lagos was launched last Friday. The service seeks to help commuters who want...
tips for packing for a weekend getaway

5 tips to packing for a weekend getaway

Sometimes, it is paramount to take a break and get away from the pressures of life. A weekend getaway is critical for your recreation, mental health, and general wellbeing. For you...
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Travel tips Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If your next business trip is near Kuala Lumpur and you are expecting some time to spend some tourism, food / social and shopping work done? Here's less down to maximize...
traveling with medications

What you need to know if you are traveling with medications

If you are going out on a long trip and you depend on prescriptions, you need to know the rules about traveling with medication. See What you need to know if...

Are you traveling to Vietnam during rains? Read this…

It is impossible to explain the joy of travelling during the rainy season. Many travel secrets are revealed once you travel out when it is drizzling outside. And when it is...
Scandinavia vikings

The best viking sites in Scandinavia

If you’re considering visiting Scandinavia, our first piece of advice to you is just to do it. It’s a beautiful part of the world, full of incredible landscapes and mountains. You’ll...
Surfline RideOn

Surfline-powered RideOn will take you to your favourite events this Christmas

Getting a vehicle to transport you to some of the buzzing events in this festive season could prove troublesome, especially, in Accra. Luckily, RideOn is here for us all. Powered by Surfline,...
Middle East’s Tallest Building must watch

Middle East’s tallest building must watch 

Center east is the home of the absolute tallest structure on the planet. Joined Arab emirate has an extraordinary sum of these f tall structures. The center east has around 30...