New Android Zero-Day vulnerability

New Android Zero-Day vulnerability found: Check out the affected smartphones

A new Android zero-day vulnerability that allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to various Android smartphones has been discovered by Google's Project Zero team. If you are using Android phones from companies...
GIFEC anti-extremist ICT programme in the Western Region

GIFEC is organising ICT programme in the Western Region

The Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) is organising an ICT training programme for people in the Amenfi West Municipality in the Western Region. GIFEC is organising this programme with the...
Apple iOS 12.4.1 update

Apple just updated iOS 12 to patch a vulnerability that allowed jailbreak

Apple has just pushed out a software update for a second time to fix a vulnerability it had fixed previously. This vulnerability allowed iPhones to be jail-broken. Apple had patched the problem...
VLC Media player vulnerability

VLC Media Player on Windows has serious vulnerability; Update Now!

This year, as usual, there have been some reports of vulnerabilities in probably the world’s most popular media player — VLC Media Player. The latest vulnerability seems to affect the Windows,...
importance of network maintenance

5 reasons why network maintenance is important for financial institutions

Network maintenance basically consists of a set of protocols and procedures which ensure that the network of any organization functions without any interruptions in normal conditions and the event of malfunction...
Nigeria Police Force release crime app police-VGS

Nigeria Police Force set to launch crime app, police-VGS

The Nigeria Police Force is set to unveil a mobile application which it feels will assist in their battle against the increasing crime in the country. A minimum of 35 people...
Technology Security Vendors Partnering Security Operatives

Tech security vendors are wary of partnering with security operatives – Chuka Okoye

Executive Director, Closeguard Technology, Chuka Okoye has said that security personnel in Nigeria are ignoring the ideas on how they can battle insecurity in our nation, especially when it concerns the...
smartSapp child security app

SmartSapp child security app launched to combat kidnapping in schools

Kidnapping in schools has recently been on the rise in Ghana. And there seemed to be no appropriate way of curbing it. That’s why MineX 360 Services has developed an app,...
Uber drivers safety discussions

Uber joins Old Mutual to improve safety of Uber drivers

Ride-hailing company, Uber Ghana has given its drivers the opportunity to engage with Old Mutual Insurance, safety and security experts, and local Uber team to improve their safety when on an...
ghana cyber security centre

Cyber Security Centre to be built in Ghana by TripleCyber and Aventura Technologies

Ghana is soon going to get a Cyber Security Centre to help combat cybercrime and cyber threats in the country. This Cyber Security Centre is going to be established by American...
dell computer supportassist vulnerability

Dell computer owners should uninstall the Dell SupportAssist app right now

All computers, including mobile phones, come with pre-installed programmes. These programmes are generally termed as bloatware. The thing is, mostly, you do not need them. And sometimes, these pre-installed programmes from...
GTUC cybercrime training programme

GTUC is training 1000 security personnel in ICT to fight cybercrime

The Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) has introduced an ICT training programme for security personnel in the Eastern Region to aid them in the fight against cybercrime and its related activities....

These are the most hacked passwords; be sure you are not using any

Passwords are keys to unlock online doors. We use them to log into our bank accounts, social media accounts, etc. These accounts are usually made to be used by one person,...
KNUST students invent gas leak detector

KNUST students invent gas leak detector that alerts users via SMS

Gas leaks can be very disastrous when not checked in time. For this reason, people would need detectors to keep them alert if there is a gas leak. That is why...
Pirated Game of Thrones may contain malware

Pirated Game of Thrones may have malware, antivirus company warns

Kaspersky, a computer security company, has released a report claiming pirated copies of the globally popular TV show, Game of Thrones, contains a number of malware programs. The report is warning...
Ministry of Communications to restructure the SIM card registration process

Ministry of Communications to restructure SIM registration in Ghana

The NCA and the Ghanaian government are on a quest to fight SIM fraud activities in the country. The government is combatting this issue through the Ministries of Information and Communications....
These 5 simple tricks here will help you keep your digital life secure.... or even keep digital attacks to the minimal rate of success..

These 5 simple tricks will help you keep your digital life secure

In the past year 2018, there were a lot of not very good events took place. Some were data breaches, misinformation, malware attacks, etc. Also, personalised advertising can fall in these...

4 tips to installing a security system at home

Designing the right home security system demands good planning. Therefore, it is advisable to understand a few tips before buying your first kit as you look to cushion your home from...
the 5 sure ways to know if you have been hacked

This is the 5 sure ways to know if you have been hacked

Security is one most vital aspect in all circles of our life, especially in this so called Information Age. We do accomplish almost every task today with the aid of a...
This is how to check if your photos were exposed in recent Facebook bug

This is how to check if your photos were exposed in recent Facebook bug

Recently, there was a Facebook bug which exposed users' photos affecting over 6 million people. The company has then announced that some users’ unposted photos were possibly exposed. On Friday, Facebook explained that...