forcing yourself love someone

Signs you are forcing yourself to love someone

Sometimes, people go into relationships only for the convenience it brings. Some of them feel they need a man or woman to cure their loneliness or for the hope that they...
Healthy Relationships

Things you must talk about in a healthy relationship

See Things you must talk about in a healthy relationship: 1. Money: You both need to talk about your spending habits and savings. Financial goals are very important in every relationship that...
how to keep a girl

Ways to make your girlfriend smile when she is angry

See Ways to make your girlfriend smile when she is angry: 1. Give her a hug: At that moment, when she is really pissed, a warm and tender hug is always a...
partner should not know about you

5 relationship fears all single guys have before they fall in love

A lot of guys have some big fears when it comes to love and dating. And these fears are more visible in single guys who wish to get into a relationship...
How to capture his heart

How to make your man fall in love with you

Everybody needs to feel wanted, loved and cherished. All women want to feel like their man's queen and it is disheartening when guys fail to understand that. Want to make him...
Reasons why couples should sleep without clothes

Reasons why couples should sleep without clothes

Do you know that sleeping naked encourages people to be more emotionally attached and open with one another? Well, it is very true. See Reasons why couples should sleep without clothes: 1....
How To Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

How to be an amazing boyfriend when your woman is on her period

Girls expect their guys to pay attention when gets that cramp, but lots of boys fail to meet up to these expectations. That has to change. See How to be an...
Relationship questions

5 romantic words your husband needs to hear from you every morning

It could be a straightforward compliment to start your day or something deeper, these reassuring words are the type of stuff your guy needs to hear every morning because saying it...
How to Break Up Respectfully

How to break up with your girlfriend nicely

Breaking up with your bae nicely is basically you being honest as you break her heart. When you are compassionate, you can reduce the pain of the split. See How to...
dating a younger man

Things you should never do when you are dating a younger man

Are you in a relationship with a younger guy? Then you must know important rules you must not break if you want it to last long. See them in our list...
How to Attract a Christian Girl

How to make a church girl fall for you

Do you love her despite the fact that her own love is strictly for God and no one else? Well, we can help. You can make her fall in love with...
Are You Ready To Love Someone New

How to ensure your relationship does not get boring

Relationships should be amazing and interesting, not dull and exhausting. See our list of How to ensure your relationship doesn’t get boring: 1. Be consistent: Whatever it is that you were doing...
Important conversations to have before having that love moment

Important conversations to have before having that love moment

These conversations do not have to be steamy and sensual, but they are very vital if you want to have a brilliant intercourse experience with your partner. See Important conversations to...
20 valentines day messages 2020

20 romantic Valentine’s day messages to send in 2020

Valentine's day is a day to celebrate the people in our lives, Send any of these valentine's day messages to your loved ones this valentine. Love is one...
Red Flags Your Partner Is In Lust

Bad signs that it is lust and not love

See Bad signs that it is lust and not love: 1. Taking things too fast: Real and true love does not happen in a matter of seconds. Love takes time. 2. Excessive intercourse:...
qualities in a potential boo

5 sweet things your boyfriend wants to hear

Do not be that girl who tells her guy only the things he is not doing right. There is no harm in telling him things that will make him happy from...
love guests Ultimate Love

Meet the 16 love guests participating in Nigeria’s new reality show, Ultimate Love

We have you covered with all you should know about the 16 guys and ladies who are currently taking part in the 1st season of Ultimate Love. The brand new reality...
spouses can build stronger relationships

3 Ps men need in a relationship

There are 3 main responsibilities men have to emulate if they want to keep their women. If you are in a relationship with a girl or you are about to start...
why men lose interest in relationships

Signs of immaturity in a relationship

Immaturity can be annoying and it surely does not help relationships. See Signs of immaturity in a relationship: 1. Always wanting things your way: When you both refuse to compromise, it is...
Himba tribe

Things you should know about the strange Himba tribe

With a population of more than 50,000, the Himba tribe is filled with a polygamous people where Himba ladies are married off to their guy partners chosen by their dads as...