Saturday, December 7, 2019
Toxic relationship

Signs your relationship is slowly becoming toxic

In a relationship, we tend to overlook all the things which can be quite harmful to us. And to be fair, not all relationships are toxic from the beginning, it happens...
Should You Respond If Your Ex Texts You

What you should not do when your ex texts you

See What you should not do when your ex texts you: 1. Do not respond immediately: After breaking up and deciding to be friends, replying to their texts immediately proves that they...
Red Flags Your Partner Is In Lust

Bad signs that it is lust and not love

See Bad signs that it is lust and not love: 1. Taking things too fast: Real and true love does not happen in a matter of seconds. Love takes time. 2. Excessive intercourse:...

Common mistakes women make in new relationships

See Common mistakes women make in new relationships: 1. Being too open and transparent: Ladies, do not give too much information immediately. It might be overwhelming for him. 2. Playing hard to get:...
Dating Someone Who Has A Child

How to date someone with kids

1. Value their time: A man or woman with kids will always be very busy. So, get ready for a restricted schedule and ensure you value your time with them. 2. You...
Search Results Web results How to Heal After an Abusive Relationship

How to recover from an abusive relationship

Your previous relationship should not hinder your future happiness. See How to know if it is a rebound or a real relationship?: 1. Be kind to yourself: An abusive relationship is filled...
Crazy Things That Happen When You're Falling In Love

Strange effects of falling in love

When you are in love, you will surely experience lots of mixed emotions. Love indeed affects us physically and psychologically. See Strange effects of falling in love: 1. Lack of sleep: At...
How To Know If It's A Rebound Or Real Love

How to know if it is a rebound or a real relationship?

Breakups happen and reactions follow. This is why is always best to take time out to think about the right time to move on. See How to know if it is...
How to Break Up Respectfully

How to break up with your girlfriend nicely

Breaking up with your bae nicely is basically you being honest as you break her heart. When you are compassionate, you can reduce the pain of the split. See How to...
How To Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

How to be an amazing boyfriend when your woman is on her period

Girls expect their guys to pay attention when gets that cramp, but lots of boys fail to meet up to these expectations. That has to change. See How to be an...
Reasons Why So Many People Believe Feminism Hates Men

Should you hate men to be a feminist?

Feminism is a huge topic in Nigeria and most people believe feminism is a man-hating movement. However, what a lot of people do not know is that feminism is actually a...
Interesting Reasons Why Some Nigerians Prefer Court Wedding

Why you should prefer a court wedding

Court wedding is gaining recognition in Nigeria and there are reasons for that. See Why you should prefer a court wedding: 1. Saves Money: If you do not want a lavish ceremony,...
The Psychological Effects of Divorce on Kids

How divorce can affect children negatively

Divorce is a trying period for any couple and it comes with consequences for the kids too. See How divorce can affect children negatively: 1. They can become irritable: Children get confused...
Common Fears That Men Have of Making a Commitment

5 relationship fears all single guys have before they fall in love

A lot of guys have some big fears when it comes to love and dating. And these fears are more visible in single guys who wish to get into a relationship...
Avoid These Moves After a Fight with Your Partner

How to not apologize to your partner during a fight

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes from time to time, but if you have made up your mind to apologize, please be ready to do it the right way....
Are You Ready To Love Someone New

How to ensure your relationship does not get boring

Relationships should be amazing and interesting, not dull and exhausting. See our list of How to ensure your relationship doesn’t get boring: 1. Be consistent: Whatever it is that you were doing...
This Is Why Miserable Couples Stay Together

Reasons why people stay in bad marriages

Want to know why bad marriages keep thriving these days? Well, see our list of Reasons why people stay in bad marriages: 1. The hope of change: A lot of people stay...
What to Expect in the First Year of Marriage

Surprises to expect in your first year of marriage

For several couples, from the 1st month up to the 1st year can be the most trying period of their marriage. See Surprises to expect in your first year of marriage: 1....
Sweet Sayings Your Girlfriend Definitely Wants To Hear

5 sweet things every girlfriend would love to hear

Do you want to dazzle her and make her feel special? There are lines to make that happen. In every relationship, language is key. The same way a wrong sentence can...
Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Reasons why couples should sleep naked

Do you know that sleeping naked encourages people to be more emotionally attached and open with one another? Well, it is very true. See Reasons why couples should sleep naked: 1. It...