words replace I love you

Here are words to replace “I love you” when saying it is too soon

You might not be prepared to utter the words, "I love you too," but that does not mean you do not appreciate the fact that someone said the 3 magic words...
jokes partner funny

Here are certain types of jokes your partner will never find funny

Several amazing relationships are built on laughter, jokes and happy moments. However, when it comes to jokes, you must know where to draw the line. Also, if you want the humour...
man more than intercourse

Here’s how to know a man who wants more than intercourse from you

Not every man is thinking about intercourse only when he meets a woman. For some of them, they are sincerely searching for something much more than that. To show you the...
kiss more relationship

Here is why you need to kiss more in your relationship

As the saying goes, we kiss the ones we love and love the ones we kiss. If kissing has not been an important part of your relationship, you are missing out...
Unhealthy compromises relationship

Unhealthy compromises you should never make for a relationship

Below is a list of things you show never compromise on to keep a relationship. Even if it is always beautiful to make an effort to please whoever you are with,...
Signs main chick relationship

Signs that you’re not the main chick in your relationship

It sucks to be deceived in a relationship, especially when you have invested so much time and emotions in it. Sadly, some women are very wrong for believing their lover has...
Psychological tricks to like you

5 Psychological tricks to get her to like you

Guys, do you want to make it difficult for a lady to say no to you? We can help. You can make a girl fall completely for you if you know...
relate women relationship

Here’s how not to relate with other women when in a relationship

Immediately you start dating someone; it is only right to begin exercising a higher level of control on what you say and do while mingling with other women. Not knowing where...
couples happy marriages

Important things couples in happy marriages should never do

A happy marriage is very scarce these days, but it is possible. As you already know, every successful relationship is built on love, respect, and happiness, so couples have to take...
Bible verses week

Useful Bible verses to hold onto before the week runs out

The week is almost over, but you can still make it a memorable one with these amazing Bible verses recently shared by PulseNG: 1. "Psalm 94:19": "When anxiety was great within me,...
make girl fall love

How to make your partner happy if his or her love language is quality...

If you are sure that your partner adores spending quality time with you, here are ways to make the most of your time together daily: 1. Quality time: Quality time is not...
slide girl DM

Brilliant ways to slide into a girl’s DM like a pro

If you have been pondering on how to slide into your crush's DM and shoot your shot, this post will definitely help. See Brilliant ways to slide into a girl's DM...
signs boyfriend cares

Here are signs that prove that your boyfriend cares about you

Are you trying to figure out if he genuinely cares about you or not? Let's show you the signs to look out for below: 1. He listens to you: According to PulseNG,...
handle relationship conflicts partner

Here is how to handle relationship conflicts without losing your partner

When you fight with bae, always know that the battle is not against him or her, it is both of you against whatever the problem is. See how to handle relationship...
questions girlfriend proposing

Here are questions you should ask your girlfriend before proposing

Before popping the all-important question, there are several marriage-relevant questions you need to ask. Since marriage is like entering into a contractual agreement, it is only wise to ask the important...
mother-in-law jealous

Here’s how to not make your mother-in-law jealous of you

As you already know, some mother-in-laws find it so hard to let go of their sons. These kinds of mothers have been calling the shots since he was young and never...
baecation relationship

Amazing things a baecation can do for your relationship

Going on that romantic kind of vacation might be the best thing to ever happen to your relationship. Let's help you with reasons why you need one in the nearest future: 1....
Couple's therapy

Couples therapy: Ways to get your partner on board

We can all agree that it is not easy to be in any kind of relationship. Whether you are just dating or you are a married couple, it is not always...
relationship conflicts

Simple tips to solve relationship conflicts

No matter how much you love each other, you are eventually going to have a conflict in your relationship. Relationship conflicts do not mean you are not compatible or the relationship...
couple therapist

How to choose the right couple therapist

Couple therapy can be a beneficial tool for your relationship or your marriage. But that is if you find the right therapist. Seeing the wrong marriage counsellor can make things even...