ways to make money online

10 ways to make money online

Today, there are definitely ways you could make money online, whether you are after long-term more sustainable income-generating results or you are looking to make some quick cash. In fact, making...
financial rules for managing your debt

Important financial rules for managing your debt

Debt is terrible and it is not something everybody can handle. Whether it is big or small money, the time to free yourself from such bondage is now. See our list...
mtn western union mobile money

MTN partners Western Union for customers to receive international money transfers directly into mobile...

MTN mobile money users can now receive international money transfers right into their mobile money wallets. This is possible as the company has partnered with Western Union, a leader in cross-border/cross-currency...
keep monies Unbanked Nigerians

Why we cannot keep our monies in banks – Unbanked Nigerians

"I don’t have an account, and I can never have one until I die. My pocket and my car are secure enough for me, no matter how much I have," words...
Bank of Ghana schedules Mobile Money interest payment dates for 2019

Bank of Ghana releases Mobile Money interest payment schedules for 2019

Thanks to the Bank of Ghana, telecom operators now pay interest to their customers that utilise their mobile money service for financial transactions. For this year, the Bank of Ghana has...
Payment Systems and Settlement Bill finally passed by the Parliament of Ghana

Payment Systems and Settlement Bill finally passed by Ghana Parliament

The Payment Systems and Settlement bill, which the Bank of Ghana expected to be passed in June this year, has been finally passed by the Parliament of Ghana. The bill had...
The Parliament of Ghana is expected by the Bank of Ghana to pass the new Payment Systems and Service Bill by the end of June

New Payment Systems and Service Bill to be passed by Parliament in June

Ghana’s central bank, the Bank of Ghana (BOG) says it is looking forward to the Parliament of Ghana to pass a new bill concerning financial transactions in the country. The new...
mobile payments in africa

Mobile payments in Africa: 7 facts you should know

Mobile payments as of now are widespread across Ghana and the whole of Africa. It could be a mobile wallet installed as apps on the phone making use of Near Field...
money saving hobbies

6 money saving hobbies

Hobbies are fun activities that allow us to spend countless hours absorbed in engaging tasks that tap into our passions. While they may vary in physical demand and required equipment, hobbies...
How to choose a loan

How to choose a loan that suits your needs

There are various day to day expenses that customers pay to cater to their needs. In some circumstances, these needs and requirement may not balance with the daily budget. In such...
payday loan

5 ways on how to easily request for a payday loan

Your day may land you in a very difficult financial situation. You need money - you are stressed up, there is nothing you can do anymore. You have searched all your...
Emergent Technology acquires Ghana-based Interpay Africa

Emergent Technology acquires Ghana-based Interpay Africa

Ghana based payments processor, Interpay Limited (“Interpay Africa”) has been recently acquired by Emergent Technology.  Emergent Technology Holdings LP is a global financial technology firm. Interpay Africa connects merchant in Africa to both...
Ecobank launches ‘Ecobank Xpress Money Promotion’ to make Ghana a cash-lite society and promote a sustained economic growth

Ecobank launches “Xpress Money” to make Ghana a cash-lite society

Ecobank Ghana launched the ‘Ecobank Xpress Money Promotion’ in its bid to support the government’s cash-lite and financial inclusion.  It promo serves as a motivation for a suitable financial environment for...
Pros and Cons of Resorting to Loans

Pros and cons of resorting to loans when financial difficulties arise

Financial problems attack unexpectedly, leaving you on a thin line between embarrassment and debt. You may also be a victim of a medical emergency, home improvement or unexpected bills that may...
Stuck in Debt

Stuck in debt? 6 must-know tips

Debt is the worst. If you are filled with that heavy guilt and struggling to make any progress, it’s time to take a deep breath. Plenty of people dig themselves into...
Make money from music

10 easiest ways to make money as a musician

Making money as a musician is not a very easy task. With so many good musicians out there, you can agree with me that this is one of the toughest things....
Make money online

The 5 easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria

The rate of unemployment and displacement of jobs is high in the country now. One of the best ways to survive is to get a job online. Internet-based businesses do not...

What to do if You find yourself in trouble with the IRS

Imagine this: you walk down to the mailbox expecting to shuffle through some ads, a few coupons, and maybe an issue or two of your favourite magazine. Then all of sudden...
algo trading

5 Tips to learning how to trade with an algorithmic formula

The term algorithmic freaks you out the first time you hear it. However, it is a simple concept to understand. Why is this so? Funny thing about algorithmic formula is that you...

A basic guide on how your money grows in Investments

Most of us slog for hours at our jobs, whether for our own business or for another company. It often becomes quite stressful and requires sacrifices. Setting aside some of our...