Wednesday, December 11, 2019
The iPhone 11 Pro's Location Data Puzzler

iPhone 11 Pro privacy bug tracks your location even if it is deactivated

All smartphones have the option to disable location tracking, including the iPhone 11 Pro. However, Apple's most recent device apparently continues to monitor the user even when location services for all...
Apple's 2020 budget phone

How to activate your iPhone’s auto-brightness

Launch the "Settings" application. Swipe down and click "General." Swipe down and click "Accessibility." Swipe down and click "Display Accommodations." Click "Auto-Brightness" to toggle it on and off. If the button is green, it is...
Apple's 2020 budget phone

How to erase your iPhone 7 Plus with iCloud

Head to iCloud.comm/find with another phone. If you are asked, get yourself signed in with your Apple ID. After that, at the top of the browser, choose All Devices. Choose the device you wish...
Take and edit Live Photos

How to edit a live photo on your iPhone?

From your iOS device's home screen, launch the Photos application. Choose the Live Photo you wish to edit and click on it to open, then scroll up to see your editing options. Under...
Apple's iPhone 12 might ship with bundled AirPods

Apple plans to release the biggest iPhone ever in 2020

The biggest iPhone ever in the history of iOS devices will be coming in 2020, according to a report from Asia. The device is expected to have a screen that will...
iPhone XS MAX iPhone XR

How to activate Window Mode on iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XR

To enable the Multi Window feature under "Settings." on your iPhone, adhere to these instructions: Click "Settings." Click "Display & Brightness." Swipe down to locate "View." Click it. Click the Zoomed tab. Click "Set." (You will...
Find the serial number or IMEI on your iPhone iPad iPod

How to find the serial number on any iPhone

If you own iPhone 5 or newer, these are the instructions to adhere to if you want to find your serial number: Launch the Settings application. Click "General" and click "About." When you are...
How To Increase Vibrations On Apple iPhone 7 And iPhone 7

How to boost vibrations on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Power on your Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus device. Choose "Settings." Choose "Sounds." Locate the event for which you wish to change the vibration: ringtone, SMS, mail or a different alert. Choose "Vibration"...
Ways to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android

How to send a video from an iPhone to an Android phone

If you are attempting to send a clip from an iPhone to an Android phone and the video is less than fifteen to twenty seconds long, it can be sent as...
How to pair and set up your Apple Watch

How to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone

The pairing process is not complicated. Adhere to these instructions: Launch the Apple Watch application on your iPhone XR. Tap "Start Pairing." A pairing window will be visible on the screen. Adhere to the...
Ways to Download Voice Memos from iPhone

How to download voice memos from an iPhone

Launch the Voice Memos application on your iOS device. Choose the memo you wish to share by clicking the title. After clicking, the memo will expand. Tap the "" symbol in the lower...
How to Unlock Apple iPhone 11

How to unlock an iPhone 11?

Head to, an order form would be visible, complete it with the details below: The present country and network the device is locked to. Ensure you choose your present carrier...
10 things you can do in iOS 13 you couldn’t do before

10 things you can do in iOS 13 you couldn’t do before

For those who don’t know, iOS 13 has been available for a few months now. It came with a lot of fun new features and updates. Below are some of the...
How Do I Unflag All The Emails On My iPhone's Mail App

How to unflag all the emails on your iPhone’s mail app

On your iOS device, launch the Mail app. Click the "Starred" folder to have access to your flagged messages. In the upper right-hand corner of your display, click "Edit." Click "Select All" to select...
How to spot a fake iPhone 11

VIDEO: How to spot a fake iPhone 11

iPhones are really cool mobile devices to have and everyone wants them. The only problem is their price tags. Thus, there’s been fake iPhones in the system to satisfy those who...
How do i Approve my iPhone from Another Device

iPhone supports new business growth with iStore

iStore, Apple’s authorized reseller in Nigeria, has said iPhone owners have developed and grown sustainable businesses with the phone. Speaking at the unveiling of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone...

How to snap incredible macro photos with your phone camera

Making use of a macro lens with an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S10 Plus or Pixel 4 phone camera lets you get up close on remarkable details and snap...
iPhone SE 2 coming March 2020

iPhone SE 2 is coming in March 2020

The iPhone SE is one of the products from Apple that was well-received by consumers. This is because of its smaller physical size but flagship-like specs at the time. Apple discontinued...
search twitter lost messages

iPhone users can now search Twitter’s DM for lost messages

This is currently available for iOS users only! People using iPhones and iPads now have the freedom to search Twitter lost messages as the platform has just announced its direct message search...
download iOS 13.1 update

How to download iOS 13.1 update without losing your data

Apple has released the first fix for the iOS 13 since it was released last Thursday. The iOS 13.1 is to patch some bugs the iOS 13 update brought. In this...