listen Audiobooks iPhone

How to listen to Audiobooks on your iPhone

Launch the Apple Books application on your iOS device. Just scroll right from the middle of the screen to pull up the search bar. ...
Dell iPhones

Dell now allows you to control iPhones from its PCs

If you are an iPhone owner with a modern Dell computer, you can now mirror your device’s screen to your personal computer and control it via Dell’s Mobile Connect application. Version...
fix iPhone screen rotation issue

iPhone features we want to see in 2020

Reports have said that Apple might be planning for its yearly iPhone software update this year. Bloomberg also believes Apple has made some modifications to how it tests forthcoming iPhone software...
twitter for ios app new update

Twitter for iOS gets a new threaded replies update

The Twitter for iOS app has a new update that is to make reading conversations on the platform easier. The new threaded replies update gives a clear distinction on which conversations...
Apple products 2020

Inside Apple: What the company is up to

Most tech companies work around the clock to improve their innovations and bring more products to the market. Inside Apple, what is the company up to? Let's see. Have you heard about...
iPhone iOS 13.3.1 update

iOS 13.3.1 released: What’s new?

Apple has released the iOS 13.3.1 update for eligible iPhones. The update comes to improve performance and correct two important issues. The first one is targeted for the iPhone 11 models while...
iphone 11 location tracking

iPhone 11 owners can completely turn off location tracking with new feature

There’s a new feature coming with the iOS 13.3.1 that has a solution for the iPhone 11 location tracking problem. The iPhone 11 came with some minor privacy issues. These issues included...
iPad fun facts

5 fun facts about Apple’s iPad on its 10th anniversary

Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its iPad and here are some of the fun facts about one of the world’s innovative smart devices. When it was launched in January...
iphone 9 renders

iPhone 9 to be released in March

The much-awaited second version of the iPhone SE will soon be released, according to sources quoted in a Bloomberg report. Previously, it was unknown how the new Apple smartphone will be...
sell old iphones in ghana

Best places to sell old iPhones in Ghana

Selling a used item has never been all easy. It becomes harder if the item is a mobile phone. This is partly because the buyer has to be sure that there...

Dell to let Apple users control iPhones from their laptop

Dell to let Apple users control iPhones from their laptop: Dell Technologies is working on making its laptops more attractive to iPhone users. The laptop company said recently that it is unveiling...
best apps for new iphone

Get these 5 best apps for your new iPhone

Got a new iPhone? Cool but what next? Apps, obviously! Which are the best to download first? You are in the best place if you don't know. This piece is giving...
2020 iPhone 12

7 predictions about the 2020 iPhones

The buzz around the iPhone 11 prior to its release has died already. Undeniably, we’ll be moving onto the next iPhones. Below are some predictions we’ve made about the 2020 iPhone...
top mobile apps and games of 2019

These are the top mobile apps and games of 2019 for both Android and...

A year-end report has been released showing app statistics for the year 2019. This report, from App Annie, lists top mobile apps and games by downloads and consumer spend, breakout apps...
Twitter now uploads iOS Live Photos as GIFs

Twitter now lets users post iOS Live Photos as GIFs

One of the top features of Apple’s camera or photography on iOS is Live Photos. The photos look like very short videos that keep playing back. Those photos, previously, when posted...

This app turns your iPhone into an iPod

Rewound is the app of the moment. This mobile app is bringing back the classic iPod from Apple to your iPhone. Available on App Store, Rewound uses skins which are also...
Google Maps for iOS incognito mode

Google Maps for iOS is getting incognito mode

iOS users are also going to get the incognito mode for Google Maps as the company announced in a blog post. First announced at the Google I/O developer conference in May,...
Samsung set to take on iPhone's popularity with camera

Galaxy S11’s camera set to rival Apple’s iPhone 11

Yes, it is true, Galaxy S11's camera is set to rival Apple's iPhone 11: The camera inspires competition between smartphones nowadays, and according to a report from Bloomberg, popular phone company, Samsung...
auto-reply texts iPhone

Apple might release 5 new iPhones in 2020

Yes, it could happen, Apple might release 5 new iPhones in 2020:. The possibility of Apple releasing 5 new iPhones in 2020 is quite high, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with...
New iPhones may come without charging ports, Apple is going full wireless

New iPhones may come without charging ports, Apple is going full wireless

Before the year ends there is yet another prediction about Apple products, specifically the iPhone. And it is coming from the usual trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The projection this time is...