banana power smoothie

How to make banana power smoothie

Today, I share with you one of my favourite smoothies packed with proteins, energy, potassium and vitamin C which will boost your energy level and last a few hours after taking...
Homechow Kumasi

Food app Homechow is expanding to Kumasi

Homechow app, the food delivery service that is based in Accra, is planning to expand its operations to Kumasi, the second-largest city in the country. According to Tech Nova, the Accra-based food...

6 occasions to turn cheerful with mouthwatering cake!

Every occasion has its own important and significance. So, every occasion demand gland and memorable celebration. But due to the busy life nowadays, people have forgotten to live life with peaceful...
ways to preserve meat

10 ways to preserve meat

Meat is a great source of protein. This highly versatile food has long been used by cultures everywhere. If you are looking to bring meat with you as you travel or...
how to pick fresh meat  

10 ideas how to pick fresh meat  

When it comes to shopping for meat, you should strive to get the freshest items that you can find. Here are a number of things that you should look for on...
benefits of eating cow meat

9 key benefits of eating cow meat

In America, there are many different kinds of meat to choose from in any given meal. One of the most commonly eaten meat is beef, or in plain terms, cow's meat....
KNUST Teaching Assistant builds affordable 600 capacity fully automated incubators for hatching chicks, with hatching percentage of over 80%

KNUST Teaching Assistant builds affordable incubators for hatching chicks

David Wakpal, a Teaching Assistant in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has built an affordable incubator for hatching chicks. He is an Agricultural Biotechnology graduate and  works in...
birthday cakes

Different types of delicious birthday cakes – A Guide

The idea of a mouthwatering birthday cake always comes with the excitement of celebration, meeting friends, family and other close people along with doing different types of fun things. The celebration...

“Homechow” the must have Ghanaian food app

As we are changing how food, goods and services are delivered in Ghana, a Ghanaian food app dubbed Homechow is providing a better on-the-go prepared meal service at an affordable cost. The app...

Amazing benefits of tiger nuts

Wondering how to get rid of your heart attack, chest pain or stroke? Or you would want to enjoy the benefits of fibre? There is just one ingredient which will best solve...
tip on how to make home cooked dinner better

5 tips on how to make your home cooked dinners better

Cooking at home is a rewarding and fulfilling task. Home prepared meals are not only a healthy alternative to take out food but also they are less risky since they do...
Benefits of fruits

Awesome benefits of taking fruits you never knew

Fruits are very important to us and I'm sure we all know. Aside the normal cure for constipation and serving as food, there are also a lot of other awesome benefits...
Avocado recipes

3 Delicious quick avocado recipes

It's the avocado craze once again as avocados are in season. So when nature gives you avos, you turn them into creamy and delicious recipes. Today i share with you three...
iced tea recipe

Recipe: Sweet Iced Tea

The weather is getting over 31°c most of the afternoons and you're getting tired of carbonated drinks so you would want to try other options. Looking for a homemade chilled drink whilst...

4 Hacks To Keep Your Food Lasting Longer During The Holidays

As a collector of recipes, I have come across very helpful hacks from various food channels and food forums I normally follow. Come along as I share some of these hacks...
fufu with light soup

Fufu – JB Klutse’s favourite food

Fufu My name is John-Bunya Klutse I am Ghanaian. I like Fufu! Be like Me! I love food though I am not able to eat much.  I am more for the quality and taste of the...