The Cyber Security Poverty Line: If we don’t address the least prepared, the most prepared will suffer

The Cyber Security Poverty Line

For the many cybersecurity practitioners living in the shadow of threat actors and adversaries, I can’t even imagine what the battle is like, and for businesses still struggling to establish a baseline cybersecurity solution for their operations, I commend your efforts. We are all living on the edge in anticipation of an attack soon to come, already in place but haven’t been detected yet, or recovering from a terrible attack.

The 4 major types of MoMo fraud you should be aware of

types of momo fraud

Mobile Money (MoMo) fraud has been with us for some time. While many people have fallen victim to the menace, there’s still a lot of ignorance about what this is. There are many types of MoMo fraud, and if you’re not careful, you may end up falling for one before realising what happened.

MTN’s ID directive for MoMo withdrawals: A step in the right direction

MTN momo #iWillPresentMyID

Starting this April 2021, things are going to change on the Mobile Money front with MTN’s ID directive for MoMo withdrawals going into force. In an effort to arrest the fraud that has plagued the mobile wallet platform for some years now, MTN Ghana has found it necessary to enforce an old but often ignored … Read more

Keeping your MTN Mobile Money PIN to yourself prevents unauthorized transactions

Keep MTN Mobile Money PIN to yourself

A couple of weeks back we published an article concerning the fraud complaints being made in relation to MTN Mobile Money by its subscribers. In said article, the writer sought to make a case about the correlation between keeping your MTN Mobile Money PIN to yourself, and being defrauded. The article received lots of attention, … Read more

Why keeping your MoMo PIN to yourself is not enough

Why keeping your MoMo PIN to yourself is not enough

The mystery surrounding the MTN Mobile Money fraud menace continues to generate debate and speculation among users of the service. One thing that many wonder about is what MTN Ghana, as a corporation, is doing to clear its name and salvage some reputation in the eyes of a public that desperately wants to believe it … Read more

Combating Mobile Money fraud: Collaboration is key

combating mobile money fraud

Mobile Money has played a major role in Ghana’s quest to achieve full financial inclusion as well as a digital economy — going into the future. While this innovative bit of financial technology has made life easier with respect to completing payments and transactions, there are individuals and syndicates who, in typical Ghanaian slang, want … Read more

Your privacy is your right; learn how to protect it online


Do you know Governments, hackers, and corporations can record your activity whenever you’re online.? A VPN gives you back your privacy.  An age-old adage goes, “get a VPN or risk getting your Google search history exposed to the entirety of the Internet.”  Okay, fine, so maybe that’s not true, but come on, it’s 2018, and you should … Read more