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foods lower cholesterol level

Foods to help lower your cholesterol level

When these meals are included in your diet, they will aid every battle against high cholesterol. These eating techniques will decrease how you crave for high cholesterol foods and reduce your...
Foods diet oily skin

Foods to add in your diet to maintain your oily skin

A lot of people who have oily skin focus more on what is applied on the skin, but it is way beyond that. Most times, despite following your skincare routine completely,...
Safety tips Valentine's day

Safety tips on Valentine’s day you must take seriously

You have to be at alert on Valentine's day and we have safety instructions you should adhere to. Yes, you will be very happy to go out on Feb 14 with...
husband horrible bed

Wise ways to tell your husband he is horrible in bed

In marriage, there will be times when you need to get real with your partner. However, when it comes to sensitive issues, you must be very careful with your partner’s feelings....
ceramic grills advantages

What are ceramic grills and their advantages?

Ceramic grills are considered to be quite expensive as compared to their similar metal counterparts. You must be wondering then what's so special about it that people still buy them? In...
sexually transmitted disease Nigeria

Common sexually transmitted diseases in Nigeria

In 1963, WHO named Lagos State the highest carrier of gonorrhea in the world, several years later, reports are still saying the rate at which sexually transmitted diseases spread in Nigeria...
Ukwuani people

Things you should know about Ukwuani people

Most people see them as Igbos, maybe because of their language similarities, but the Ųkwųani people are from Delta State, Nigeria. You will find them in the Northern part of Delta...
Idoma people

Things you should know about Idoma people

The Idoma people are not just humble, they are very hospitable too. Popular for being the 2nd largest ethnic group in Benue State and occupying 9 local government areas in the...
Safety tips Valentine's day

Hints that your husband is still madly in love with you

The main secret behind a long-lasting marriage is nothing else but love. However, it can be very tough to know if your partner is still in love with you sometimes, except...
simplify your life

4 ways to simplify your life

Everybody desires a life that is peaceful and free of bad energy. But the secret to living this life you so desire is your understanding that you can only control your...
propose Valentine's day

Ways to propose on Valentine’s day

February 14 is a day of love, and as you already know, Valentine's day is a very good time to propose. If you are willing to take your relationship to the...
Important health benefits Agbalumo

Important health benefits of Agbalumo (African star apple)

The African star apple season is finally here and you should be seeing it everywhere these days. Known as Agbalumo in Yorubaland and Udara in Igbo language, this fruit comes with...
Health benefits Mango

Health benefits of Mango

Indians do not call Mango the "King of Fruits." for nothing. We cannot blame them since this fruit is unbeatable when it comes to nutritional value. If you did not know,...
love guests Ultimate Love

Meet the 16 love guests participating in Nigeria’s new reality show, Ultimate Love

We have you covered with all you should know about the 16 guys and ladies who are currently taking part in the 1st season of Ultimate Love. The brand new reality...
good piano teacher

How to find a good piano teacher for your kid?

There is a common belief that music is an inborn talent. That's why perhaps many children start playing musical instruments even before they can speak sentences. And in a place like...

Essential guide on owning a pond and maintaining it

Alas! You finally found a property on the outskirts of the busy city. This property has the ideal air breeze, fantastic view, perfect size, and a pond where you can de-stress...
healthier Life

6 proven steps to lead a longer, healthier Life

We all want to live longer, healthier lifestyles, but how do you do it? How do you achieve longevity? Is there a magic potion? Of course not! To live longer and...
women dress work casuals

Here’s how women can dress to work in casuals

Some of us do not work in an environment that compels us to dress corporate or rock a suit every single day of the week. There are offices that allow you...
pregnancy stretch marks homemade remedies

Get rid of pregnancy stretch marks with these homemade remedies

One important change a lot of pregnant women experience is having stretch marks all over their baby bumps. And as we already know, stretch marks are a beauty problem we all...
skincare routine night cream

Here’s why your skincare routine needs a night cream

Your skincare routine is not complete without the application of night creams before you go to bed. Most people ignore night creams because they feel it is just a way for...