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Choosing a High-end Vape Mod

Best practices for choosing a high-end vape mod

As you get more experienced in vaping, you’ll want to ditch the simple, old-fashioned e-cigs for the more advanced vape mods that are geared to give you the ultimate experience. High-end...
aura, the revolutionary meditation stress relief and relaxation app teaches powerful relaxation technique and mindfulness

Aura: for meditation, stress relief and relaxation

For many, practising mindfulness is a quick and powerful relaxation technique. Although there are many ways to handle everyday stress and anxiety, you may just be surprised by how effective Aura,...
Bedroom habits

Bedroom habits that are bad for you

Because of our busy schedules on a daily basis, we tend to turn our bedrooms into a place where other unhealthy activities can go down. This should not be the case...
avoid saggy breasts

Here’s how to avoid saggy breasts

The battle for firm breasts is very real. As you already know, several ladies opt for operation to lift their boobs and it is not a cheap procedure. To save you...
Ginger juice healthy

Why you need ginger juice to stay healthy

Ginger is filled with nutrients that are key to keeping the body healthy and it helps your system to function properly. If you have no idea as to why you should...
passport photo baby

3-minute passport photo for your baby

Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever be fortunate enough to go through. It is also one of the most intense, with so many things...
why you cannot stop smoking

Here’s why you cannot stop smoking after trying so hard

Smoking is a difficult habit to break since tobacco contains a chemical called nicotine, which makes so addictive. Here's why you cannot stop smoking after trying so hard: All smokers are addicted...
How to define a space with elements other than walls

How to define a space with elements other than walls?

With open floor plan apartments getting more and more popular, there are a lot of people who are interested in all there is to know about open floor decoration. Sure, by...
Relationship questions

Relationship questions you should ask your husband

Asking questions about your relationship aids the communication with your partner and this is vital to a long-lasting bond between both of you. Relationship questions you should ask your husband: 1. Am...
propose Valentine's day

Ways to propose on Valentine’s day

February 14 is a day of love, and as you already know, Valentine's day is a very good time to propose. If you are willing to take your relationship to the...
watching movies

How to enjoy watching movies online?

When it comes to having fun, there are various activities. You can go out and participate in different adventures. However, if you are more of an indoor person, watching movies is...
tell a guy you like him

How to tell a guy you like him

Knowing for a fact that you like someone is one thing, but telling the person you like is another thing. See How to tell a guy you like him: 1. Assess your...
Greatest Christmas Songs Ever on Spotify

Greatest Christmas songs ever

See our list of Greatest Christmas songs ever: 1. All I want for Christmas is you: By Mariah Carey, it will always be a massive song. To cap it all up, she...
show your boyfriend that you love him

Signs that your boyfriend is a sapiosexual

A sapiosexual is somebody that is attracted to an individual’s intellect instead of their body. See Signs that your boyfriend is a sapiosexual: 1. Bookstore over bar: If he feels a perfect...
birthday cakes

Different types of delicious birthday cakes – A Guide

The idea of a mouthwatering birthday cake always comes with the excitement of celebration, meeting friends, family and other close people along with doing different types of fun things. The celebration...
Foods improve eyes

Foods that will help you protect and improve your eyes

We all know how important our eyes are. What you might not know is that you can actually aid your health by eating healthy. Gone are the days of only heading...
Funny beliefs and traditions

Funny beliefs and traditions of the Yoruba tribe

Yoruba is a popular tribe and they have lots of hilarious traditions. See Funny beliefs and traditions of the Yoruba tribe: 1. Pregnant women have to attach safety pin to their clothes:...
Dr Spice sharp sharp

Dr Spice releases his first single – Sharp Sharp (prod by Supliar)

This is a special feature on JBKlutse.com; since this kind of content is not my direct focus, but for the first time, I want to be the first to introduce you...
A Simple Method to Avoid Being Judgmental

Ways to stop being judgmental toward others

Judging people is not good. The bible even warned us to not judge or we may be judged. It never makes your life better, it just makes things worse. See Ways...
Places science cannot explain

Places science cannot explain

There are still some locations across the globe that defy explanation, logic, and experiments. See Places science cannot explain: 1. The fairy circles of Namibia: The circles range between 10 to 65...